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Random Sentence Writing Challenge - by Elsie Hagley

Updated on October 14, 2016
Elsie Hagley profile image

Elsie has started writing short stories, hopefully one day she will write a book in her later years.

Random Sentence Writing Challenge

A short story in response to Jodah's challenge to write a stories or poem using a randomly selected sentence as a prompt, it's not quite the same as was suggested, using each word at the beginning of a paragraph.

Being my first writing challenge using a random sentence I have used the first part of the phase and then my short story changed in the second chapter using the whole end of the phase at the start of it.

This short story has used all the words, not quite the same as Jodah's challenge, but ending up with what I think is a reasonable short story for a beginner.

I have bolded the words so you can still see the words of the sentence I used.

It is very important when selecting a writing prompt that you stop and think how you can use the words to make a nice story, as I found out when it came to writing the second part of my short story.

Writing Tips: Short Stories

My Random Sentence for the Writing Prompt

"Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering - and it's all over much too soon".

Great one liners - This one was written by Woody Allen.

Who is Woody Allen?

He was born Allan Stewart Konigsberg on December 1, 1935, he is an American actor, writer, director, comedian, musician, and playwright whose career spans more than 50 years.

Woody Allen 2006

Life is Full of Misery, Loneliness and Suffering. Part -1

Now for my Story.

Life is unbearable for Jack since the death of his wife, he has found himself walking around in circles, achieving nothing, he had become very forgetful, didn't care about body hygiene or shaving, lost track of the days and felt as though nobody cared about him, even his own son never came near him since the disagreement after the funeral, his existence was all loathing and hatred, especially for himself, because he felt that he had never taken enough time to notice his wife was ill, had he, she may still be alive today.

He said to himself aloud "I was so wrapped up in myself and busy planning the future, that I did neglect my wife and I feel terrible, why does everything I do now have no feelings"?

Then his thoughts started wandering, I'm living in a body that feels as though it no longer belongs to me.

Why is everything so bad?

Winter has already set in and I haven't even lit a fire, just sitting here freezing and feeling sorry for myself.

I'm so sorry for letting Jenny (my ex-wife name) down, I cared for her right to her last breath as she passed away in my arms, never stopped showing my love for her when I found out see was so sick, why didn't I take more time when she was well to let her know how much she meant to me.

Why was she taken away from me right when our life was so full of plans, a trip around the world, after having saved all those years, now I'm on my own with tickets for two and no wife (the love of my life) to share it with.

Why all the whys?

I'm full of guilt. We were so happy making plans. I can still see those tickets sitting on the table, as she broke the news to me about the results from a blood test, that she had less than six months to live, as she had cancer and it was too late for treatment.

I can't forget the misery I felt that day, I tried to hide it from my wife, but I knew see could see the sadness in my eyes even though I kept trying to smile on the outside with my heart feeling as though it was broken in half.

What a brave women I had, she had known for a while that she wasn't well, never said the words to me, as I was finishing my last few months working before I retired, she didn't want to get me worried even while making arrangements for our world trip, she had a feeling that she wasn't going to go.

The loneliness she must have felt not talking about how she was feeling.

I feel even worst now as I realise the suffering she must have been going through keeping it away from me, I can't understand why I didn't see the signs that all wasn't right with Julie, the times she must have been visiting specialist and doctors, and never showed any signs that things weren't right with her and how unwell she was.

Footsteps in the snow.
Footsteps in the snow.

And it's all over much too soon. Part - 2

And it's was all over much too soon, Jenny never lived six months, now I realise the shock I have been in since that day see told me she had only six months to live, it had just hit me, I had been living in a dream, now I really I'm on my own, and no loving wife to care for, time something was done about this situation, I can not longer go on living like this.

Strange things were starting to enter my brain, time to end my misery.

Just then there was a knock on the door, (right when I was feeling at my lowest), It's far too cold out there with all that snow.

I thought to myself I won't answer the door if I don't make a noise they will go away, and they did, most likely looking for help with all the snow, but that didn't motivate me to move and answer the door.

Now why did I do that?

It was clear, even to me, if I had been in the right frame of mind, that I needed someone to talk to, someone to help me get out of this dreaded feeling of it's not worth continuing like this, all I needed to do was answer the door and ask for help, but in my broken frame of life I was over thinking logically about much else, than what a lonely person I was, full of hate for myself, for not taking more notice of my wife, she may be still alive if I had not been so wrapped up in myself and planning our trip overseas to see she was not well.

So I when to bed it was too much to cope with in my muddled mind, my brain had stopped working and all I felt was guilt, I had lost my appetite, I knew the way I felt that it was better to retire and hope I wake up a renewed man, as I was exhausted.

I sleep for what seemed like days and it might have been because I lost track of time and days, as I went in and out of dreaming and part waking up, feeling very cold with no warmth in the house, seeing my wife was no longer beside me, drifting off into trouble sleep again, it was too much for me, I knew I had to get help or make a change in my life and it had better be soon as I didn't want to go through another day feeling like this, I roused myself and made an effort to get up and sit on the side of the bed. I started thinking, then I stopped and said aloud "Come on man what would Julie think about you, she will be watching in heaven, acting like this, get up and start this new day that has been given to you.

Once I had got up and had a shave and shower, I felt a different man, I had some breakfast, then I was on the phone to my son and asked him to visit me as I need someone to talk to and help sort out what I was going to do with those tickets as I didn't want to go on a trip around the world by myself. At least, I was on track again asking for help and not trying to cope with my misery by myself.

Maybe a walk with my son in the fresh crisp air would help as I didn't extend to go through that feeling again, I nearly ended my life. I need to remember I have family that loves me and my wife would have been shocked if she could have seen what I nearly did to myself if I hadn't gone to bed and slept that bad feeling away, what would my life have been like, or maybe there could have been no waking up, it wasn't worth going on like that, I owed my son some respect for his father.

When Anthony (my son) rang the doorbell I didn't sit there hoping he would go away, I was up in a second answering the door, as soon as I set my eyes on him, my arms were around him hugging him so tight "Welcome son we have some talking to do" I said.

He had a smile on his face,"So glad you have worked your way through the misery you felt" said Anthony.

Now, what are we going to do with those tickets? If you like I will come with you I have some time off from work, it can be extended if needed".

I didn't need to reply he could see by the smile on my face, that I had sorted myself out and was ready to move on.

Happy father and son.
Happy father and son.

Do you think Jack was at fault why Jenny never told him she was ill?

See results

How to Write Short Stories: Writing Lesson & Tips, George Wier

© 2015 Elsie Hagley


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