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How much I love

Updated on February 2, 2014

How much I love

Your hands
Long fresh tender grass
Your eye`s quiet smile;
As Finger is the Rose Blooms
How much I love!!
Meadow`s perpetually green grass
Put pieces of white clouds
The blue sky;
Makes you want to walk too
For your delicate hand !
Finding the evening sun,
loosened from the sky
They are a bluish,
After I read your eye
Crazy I am lost!
Like a sailing boat
Without tidal water
I across slowly my way ;
I vacuum
Deeply uneasy,
Where to live
Intelligence to continue to get away ;
How many days have passed
How much of talks were not said
Yet near you When I am
Do not go making you understand
What is going on inside my chest ,
It has a very sharp sense of it;
So deep thinking having to swim
Telling someone how much they closed ;
Just understood the reason
I'm sick of unrest in the troubled !!

Many many hope of love

Known air- floated away,

Who knows how much time

Going to lost away;

Sea, green forest, across the universe!

I have seen the days

What were to know,

Yet the two strangers

Who knows how far

Happiness address. .. ...

Sensitiveness of the crowd,

Inside the chest

In the absolute depth of heart;

You are, You Call, re-call

Many silent night of tears have passed.

When I was apart from you,

Early in the morning

I waited to see you,

As the morning waits for the sun,

Thousands of hypocrisy in the social,

Every time I afraid to loss you

Is the absolute spirit,

Merged with the Spirit,

Controller system, ad infinitude!!


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