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The Easiest Way to Read Manga on Your Amazon Kindle

Updated on March 15, 2012
Reading manga on my Kindle with my cat. :)
Reading manga on my Kindle with my cat. :)

Read your favorite Japanese manga on your Kindle using a program that is so easy to use it doesn’t even need to be installed on your computer. If you have manga in a rar or zip file, you can easily convert it into a format that your Kindle can read.

First, you’ll need to download a free program called Mangle. (You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Mangle = Manga + Kindle, huh?) After downloading, extract the zip file and save it in the folder of your choice. I saved mine in my Saved Programs folder so it’s easy to locate.

Next, you’ll need to extract the manga images from the rar or zip container in which they came in. Basically, you need those jpeg or png files to work with in Mangle.

Open the extracted folder named “mangle_2.3” and double-click the application named "mangle". The program will open instantly without having to be installed. This is what it looks like:

This is what Mangle looks like.
This is what Mangle looks like.
Drag and drop your manga images into Mangle.
Drag and drop your manga images into Mangle.
Export Book
Export Book

Drag your manga images into the window and make sure that the page numbers are in correct order. (The order they appear in the Mangle window is the order in which they will appear in your manga.) Go to "Book" then "Export" or simply click the icon that looks like a cog. Type in the title of the manga, select which Kindle device applies to you, and choose "CBZ only" as the format. Click OK.

Next you will be prompted to choose a location where your generated Kindle manga will be saved. I simply save it at the default location which is in the folder "mangle_2.3", but you can also save it directly into your Kindle.

Plug in your Kindle device to your computer using the USB connection. Create a folder named "pictures" in your Kindle's root directory. (might be case-sensitive so just type it in all small letters without the quotation marks) Copy or save your newly created CBZ file into the "pictures" folder you just created.

The next time you open your Kindle, your manga files will show up with your other books.

What I think about reading manga on my Kindle

Although I prefer reading manga on my Kindle over reading it on my desktop computer, I have to admit that my specific device, which is a Kindle Keyboard, wasn't made for manga. The screen is small so the words in the speech bubbles sometimes look tinier than an ant. And when there's a two-page spread, the words become even tinier. Nevertheless, I am very happy to be able to read manga while lounging on the couch or lying down on the bed instead of having to sit up in front of the computer.


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