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Why do People Fear Death?

Updated on April 7, 2014

Do you Fear Death and Dying?


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5 Reasons Why People Fear Death

  1. Fear of the Unknown: I think this is the biggest reason. We wonder what will happen, what to expect and how will it feel.
  2. Pain: This is a huge fear for many. Let's face it, no one wants to suffer or feel pain.
  3. Those left behind: People worry about the family they are leaving behind. Will they survive and be okay? That is a huge worry.
  4. Spiritual Reasons: What will happen to my soul?
  5. Remember Me: People want to know if they will be remembered by their family and friends.

I'm hoping that this article will help to address some of these fears. But more importantly I hope that you are able to find the reassurance that you need to not worry or fear death. It will happen in it's own perfect time.

Fear Of Dying

Let's face it death is part of life. We will all die one day. But many people suffer from a fear of dying. In this article I will share some of the best books on death and dying. As well as books that deal with the stages of death and dying.

I was able to overcome my fear of death early in life when I lost two younger siblings. My one sister died when she was 8 and my other sister passed away at 12 years old. Although I was just a child when my sisters passed away, I learned at an early age that death was a part of life.

I knew from what my parents taught me that they moved on to a better place but I still felt like I wanted proof. I read a lot of books over the years about life after life and children and death. My faith is what really helped to get me through and even though I had faith I really just needed to know what the afterlife was like.

Coping With Death and Dying

But it wasn't until my grandmother passed away several years later that I was really able to realize that I no longer fear death. I was with her at the end and got to experience her serenity as she was ready to move on. She was actually the one who helped me to not fear death. I write more about my Grand mother in my hub How to Overcome Fear of Dying.

If you are finding it hard coping with death and dying, you are not alone. But you can learn from reading about other peoples experiences. I know reading books on death and dying helped me immensely.

Fear the Death of a Loved One

If you have a fear of dying or worry about the death of a loved one, you are not alone. Many people have the very same fear.

Many times we become depended on one special person who we love. And we think that we will not be able to survive if they were to pass on. This can be very scary. We think about the pain we will experience with the loss of a love. And the fear of being alone.

Here is the thing. What will be, will be. There isn't anything you or I can do to change the future. Lots of time is wasted with worry. And worry doesn't solve anything. Why not enjoy your life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment with your loved one that you can! Life is too short to waste it away with worry. Now is the time to gain some independence and realize that you will be okay on your own.

The problem with many people who suffer with this fear, is that they are so scared of death and the unknown, that they forget to enjoy their life.

The good news is that there are many books and resources out there to help people to be able to overcome their fears.

I find comfort reading stories about near death

I find it very comforting to read stories or books about near death experiences. The reason I find it comforting is because it gives me a glimpse of what it is like on the other side. Often you hear people say that near death experiences are not true or don't really explain what happens after we die.

But there are thousands of people who experienced the same sort of thing. They talk about a feeling of complete joy, being met by loved ones and a bright light. They also talk about how sad they felt when they had to come back here to earth.

They all say that there is no pain. There is only joy and abundant happiness.

If you have never read about near death experiences you might get some comfort as well.


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    • profile image

      wendy87 6 years ago

      if you r not living fully ,you are dying everyday...your hub is great voted up...

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 6 years ago from Maryland

      Thanks for the comments.

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Thank for this hub...I also have lost a sister who died at a young age which made me realize that none of us know how much time we have!

    • schoolmarm profile image

      schoolmarm 6 years ago from Florida

      We are all living and dying. Thanks for the great book suggestions.