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Reflections of my Soul

Updated on September 6, 2014

Poetry for and from the Soul

I wanted to share some of m poems I have written that are in my poetry books

Inside Your Garden
From "Reflections of my Soul" by Patricia Shetland

“Inside your garden
Of beauty
I kiss you
Kisses filled of honey"

In the dawn
Of beginning
I touch you
With hands made sweeter
By the weaving
Of golden moments

I hold like a gem
Precious clocks
Weaving spells
Of time
Casting their magic
Upon me

Reflections Through Photography

Cover - Back and front

Reflections of My Soul - Lulu version- ebook

See a preview and order here: Reflections of my Soul Download the ebook for $5.00

Reflections of my Soul

a collection of poetry on life and love

Reflections of my Soul at amazon. It is filled with soul filled poetry .

Love is such a unique journey for all of us. It teaches us so many things. It teaches us who we are, who we are not, who we want to be, what we want and do not want. It teaches us about joy, pain, pleasure and compromise. It stretches us to our limits and takes us to places we had not been before "love" came along. It can sweep you away. It can warm your heart. It can make you want to run away and it can make you want to stay.

Through love's journey in my life and writing about it I have become more intimate with myself learning much along the way about myself, others, life, compassion, empathy. It has brought me to a whole new depth with my own being.

Flowers Enchant Gardens to Grow

Days turn into rivers

Nights fall into silver moons

Flowers enchant gardens to grow

A vision of

What it is like to be

Pure again

And know our innocence

These are the seeds

I have planted for you

There are the seeds

That remain

May they grow

In the soil

Of your discovery

In the open land

Of your heart

Patricia Sanders


I have been writing poetry since I was young. It seemed to be a way to express my thoughts. I wrote words that would flow, sometimes I would be surprised reading some of my poems such as this one called "An Oak's Breath"

An Oak's Breath

A wind this way does blow

A song this way does sing

A voice this way does speak

Of simpler things, not weak

A tongue upon my cheek

It is clarity I do seek

Of a tomorrow no longer bleak

Of you I do bequeathe

All that knows how to breathe

And life remains a soothing sound

My soul grows strong

An oak's breath- a sweet scent

In a mountain I have lived

No more sorrow

I have found the gold

The search for which I did seek

A favorite poem of mine Joy's Birth is available on this poster at Zazzle (just click on the poster)

We Kiss

Lying here

With you

Surrounded by

Your wings

I listen

With a secret smile

To the songbirds sing

We kiss

And a million wings

Open up

And rise inside of me

With their tender flight


I love you completely

I knew it from the beginning

My only sun

I knew you were the one

The love in my heart

The laughter of my joy

The sweetness of my day

Brightening my way





Poetry for and from the Soul

This book has much of my poetry in it

Lightness of Being

Feeling this

Lightness of being

I know

A new day has dawned

In my soul

~ Patricia Sanders

Endless Beauty


Into being...


Of a garden

Planted with seeds

Of joy

Growing into

Full blooms

Of peaceful contentment


Into light

Filled of

Endless beauty

Creating the Voice- poem


The voice

To make the sound

To sing a song

Of love

Desire fills my hands

I reach upwards

To the sky

To touch you

And I fly

I call my heart

Still yours

Because I keep

Missing you

As time passes by

The Collective- poem

Beauty becomes me

In the mystery of my soul

I hunger for what is not

Touched with the human hand

The mystical revelation

The shaman's song

The connection

We all long for

In this dance of intimacy

The learning

I discover

The many parts that make the whole

Encompassing the heart

Of humanity

In the palm of my hand

I reach the destination

Reborn by this epiphany

That deep down

In the center

Of myself


All others

The Collective

The Collective
The Collective
A book of soulful poetry



Through the windows

For a sign of hope

For the grace

I left behind

Might somehow still

Be mine

Death- a poem

I'll never see your face again

Or hear your laughter

As days go by

I remember you still

As you were

When you were still here

With swollen tears

And a heart that aches

I'll never again

Feel your embrace

Even though your spirit is here

It's just not the same

As hearing your voice

And seeing you near

No more tomorrows

Will hold you

Only yesterday remains

Yet the sun still sets

and the stars burn bright

The morning becomes day

The day becomes night

But you are not here

And the sorrow and pain

That death can claim

Bring heavy hands

It's just not the same

And I wish that you were still here

With footsteps light

And laughter long


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