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Work and Earn Online

Updated on November 30, 2015
multitasking of home maker
multitasking of home maker

How it began

Thoughts were persistent in my mind as I kept on trying hard to find a job...A few months back ...let me share how I felt.

I can feel like I’m failing at the most important job I’ve been given, second to being my husband’s help meet, but of course sometimes I’m really struggling with that one too.And I feel like everyone else must be doing a much better job than I am.

Mothers surely never get frustrated or overwhelmed.Our job is a work in progress, Continually, All the time.

Never Undervalue yourself !

Home makers are often undervalued, by both society and their spouses. The unpaid work that homemakers perform daily is priceless. It is wrong to make stay-at-home moms and dads feel that they are not entitled to fulfill their dreams because they do not earn the household money. It’s unfortunate that we put more value on material things than we do on the family. Regrettably, our society doesn’t place a high dollar value on a homemaker’s work, but a loving spouse should.

Many homemakers are frustrated because they feel that they are not appreciated for the amount of work they do-neither by their own spouse nor by society.

It is really hard being a homemaker, especially without the support of my husband. I am often made to feel guilty when I want some time to myself; he expects me to stay busy every waking moment to make up for the fact that I don’t bring home a pay cheque. Am I not entitled to some downtime? Just because I’m a non-income-earner doesn’t mean I don’t contribute to the family-I do everything, except bring home the bacon.

But what could a mother of an infant do.I was fully packed up with work. No time for myself. I had hardly seen the mirror for days or comb my hair or seen the later part of my favorite serial. which every woman does as daily chores.Every minute was given only for my family.Life was becoming perfunctory. It was a boredom for me with the daily schedule.

The unavoidable changes....

We find a great change in our lives when we get married and once we are mothers,we are totally in a different world.It takes a long time for us to adjust with the change and this change is unavoidable — and often unspeakable.Your hormones will eventually balance out — but we've also got to make up our mind to snap out of our bad mood.if we had time to write a to-do list, there would be about 242 things on it — for one day.

chaos in kitchen
chaos in kitchen
A tired woman
A tired woman

Work pressure as a homemaker

The Cluttered Home :

We can so easily get caught up in the daily mundane tasks of cook, cleaning, organizing and managing our home.A cluttered home is truly a sign of a cluttered mind.especially with baby stuff all over the place! Every one is a dumb head when we begin handling our families. we all are strangers to the situations we face.The truth is that there is no secret to manage our home with excellence – it is simply hard work!”

Though we gain profound knowledge on daily life situations and try to improve our presence of mind ,every day becomes an adventure filled with little confusion and a little joy. There are no special standards for handling a family. One has to face the situation and learn through experience!

God! Why on earth have you made a woman who hasn't got another brain and 2 more limbs to work? This was what I would think whenever I had four different tasks to do at a time.Every day was challenging.

search of a legitimate job
search of a legitimate job
Many sites which are risky
Many sites which are risky

How To Find Legitimate Jobs

The Quest began...

It took me months to resolve back and then on, I had little time for myself.Much wisdom in how to go about organizing our days, can be found in books for women of the day to help them get through the rigours of daily living. There are many who pass time chatting, gossiping, watching movies or daily shows. but these things never interest me.

When one is educated and can handle work and home ,its high time for them to think about giving a meaning to their education.Or else there is no use of the education which isn't used for good purpose.

I thought it better to surf the internet as I had come to know about “work from home“ jobs on line.But, this was something which people around had no knowledge about. There was no one to guide. It's a completely new concept for us who got used to the 9 TO 5 office schedule which is commonly seen in private as well as public undertakings and is trustworthy..Everything was to be done by my own self.

I kept on searching the sites which would provide all the information regarding the work. But I still doubted whether they were legitimate, genuine? Most of them would advertise that they were genuine. But how could I believe? If I tried to take a chance and go on, I would be at risk. There was much news I had read about hackers, fake sites, and many others which resisted me from taking up a job from home.

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Never lose hope

My search went on, which kept on taxing my patience and sometimes I felt there was nothing like working through the internet. It all happens in western countries where people got used to working and making money being invisible to the employers. I felt discouraged and even felt that I was being foolish, searching hours together for job on net.

I found some sites like TOLUNA, FIVERR. STUFFING ENVELOPES, DATA ENTRY jobs and some which were not mention-able as they first asked to register and learn some techniques and later start the work. Spending a penny on an unknown site was not at all required.We gradually lose hope when some sites advertise to be genuine ,later ask to put huge amount of money and lastly we feel that we are being under risk.

Contentment after perseverance

At last, I found this site “hub pages” which had millions already joined and sharing their views. I was so thrilled on seeing the articles as they were so many thousands of people all over the world whose thoughts matched with mine!Many of them published articles for beginners.These were very fetching and it was easy to learn about the site through the learning center.

There is nothing we need to invest and we just need to make our hub interesting for viewers to view and we need to be active participants in forums,exchanging ideas and suggesting answers for questions if possible.

Now I feel much satisfied. Here I work with passion and there is nothing to worry about the schedule,investing or spending, no new techniques to be learned ,nothing ! Just go with whatever You feel like sharing and this turns out to be a new article .Only thing is to be realistic and expressive.

This is not a site where we can expect to have TREES WITH MONEY INSTEAD OF FRUITS or FLOWERS in our garden but a site where money comes slowly but steadily and above all which is risk less. There may be many such sites still unknown to me but I will continue my journey of article writing and hope to entertain the readers with my articles here !

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