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Last Chance Rescue: A Search and Rescue Novel

Updated on August 23, 2017

Read a Fictional Search and Rescue Story

Several months ago, I received an e-mail from the author of Last Chance Rescue, asking if I would be willing to review her novel. Being a Search and Rescue volunteer and a fiction-writer myself and having written other reviews of books about wilderness rescue and survival, I guess I was a logical pick.

But this time it was a little different.

This time, the author had contacted me directly. Like me, she's been involved with many real-life Search and Rescue missions, so I felt a connection there. And I know all too well what it's like having that first published novel out there for the world to critique. So I must admit, I was apprehensive about starting the book. I really wanted to give a good (and honest) review.

A Story Of Search, Rescue and Romance in the Rocky Mountains

Unlike most other Search and Rescue-related books I've read, this one is fiction. Made up. But it's written by someone with firsthand knowledge of what SAR is all about and how it can affect those who get involved with the lives -- and sometimes deaths -- of those they seek to help.

Here's the book if you'd like to pick up a copy and read along.

Last Chance Rescue: A Story Of Rescue And Romance In The Rocky Mountains
Last Chance Rescue: A Story Of Rescue And Romance In The Rocky Mountains
From the Blurb: "A saavy and accomplished advertising executive, Brad Sievers' life is forever altered the night he runs into Jessie Van Dyke at his high school reunion. In his new role as a Search and Rescue team member in the Colorado Rockies, he comes face-to-face with the precariousness of human life and his ability to affect it."

Last Chance Rescue begins....

"The helicopter shuddered and swayed as it lifted off the helipad. Brad Sievers gripped the edge of the bench, willing his stomach to calm down."

Author of Last Chance Rescue
Author of Last Chance Rescue | Source

About The Author

Tracey Cramer-Kelly writes what she knows

Tracey Cramer-Kelly and her husband live in a small Minnesota town with their two children, enjoying outdoor activities of all kinds. Though she spends most days running their family business, Leader MotorSports, Tracey's background includes a helicopter pilot's license and experience as an Army Reserve medic.

A Review:

"I'm not one for romance novels or adventure fiction, but Last Chance Rescue is a good, fun read that moves right along and attends to its subject matter with realistic detail. The author's emergency medical background and outdoor experience show through in the attention to those aspects of the story."

--Terri Watson

Air Idaho Rescue Helicopter Pilot & NOLS Senior Field Instructor

And Here's What I Think of the Book

I enjoyed it! The characters are very real and down-to-earth. The book is well-written, clear and moves along at a steady pace, without getting bogged down in lengthy descriptions or becoming too wordy, with some interesting surprises that held my interest throughout.

I haven't been reading much fiction for some time now, but Last Chance Rescue was a nice change of pace for me, while still staying within a niche I really like--Search & Rescue--with some romance added to the mix.

Thumbs Up for Last Chance Rescue
Thumbs Up for Last Chance Rescue | Source

Does "Last Chance Rescue" Interest You?

Based on the blurb, the opening sentence and the author bio, does this sound like something you'd like to read?

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