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Revenge of the Vegetarian Review

Updated on April 13, 2015

Hilarious Book That Even a Meat Eater Can Enjoy

Revenge of the Vegetarian Book

The Revenge of the Vegetarian by Jim Tilberry with Patricia Van Winkle is a hilarious tongue in cheek book. This book is only 70 pages long, but ideal for short attention spans. Every page is worth its weight in veggies.

To make it clear, this is a review and my payment is a wonderful book that I could not put down. As a meat eater, I could not stop laughing. Even though he called people like me a "soulless Neanderthal."

Tilberry has a weird and wacky style of writing and makes fun of everyone. Vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, republicans, democrats and vegocrats, alike are poked fun at with his off the wall sense of humor.

Photo Credit: From the Revenge of the Vegetarian book cover and available on Amazon.

Mock Duck

Fiction, Truth and Informative

Try Some Vegetarian Mock Duck made with Seitan

Revenge of the Vegetarian fits right up there with my own oddball sense of humor. It is a lighthearted book of fiction, but it also has a lot of truth to what it is like being a vegetarian. How people misunderstand the vegetarian food pyramid as being bland. Wait a is bland! Read the book yourself and see the drawing of the food pyramid.

Within the book is a list of 10 great reasons to become a vegetarian. One of my favorites from that list is "4. Show off your vocabulary." Impress a meat eater to show how smart you are with big words like "monounsaturated," "phytochemicals," and "isoflavones" and being able to pronoun them, even though you may not know their meanings. Personally, I know the meanings of these words, but with my thick tongue (maybe because it lacks exercise), trips on words like those. Other words like "tempeh" and "seitan" requires looking up.

Tempeh: This product made from whole soybeans that go through a fermentation process that binds the beans together in a cake form, used mainly in meat substitute dishes and has the firmness of vegetarian burgers.

Seitan: This is an impressive vegetarian word for wheat gluten, also called wheat meat or just gluten. This is the main protein of wheat, made by washing the wheat flour dough in water until it becomes an elastic type texture, and cooked before eating. Seitan is another meat substitute for vegetarian variety.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Vegetarian Mock Duck looks yummy!)

My Own Experience with Vegetarianism

I Know a Vegetarian T-Shirt
I Know a Vegetarian T-Shirt

My Experience as a Lacto Vegetarian

Personally, I have gone a month to several months without eating any type of meat, though I love my dairy products and will never give those up. It was not that hard (except for those Papa Burger dreams) and I can see myself going back to just eating food from the ground, plus dairy products. This would make me a Lacto Vegetarian.

Truthfully having a meat meal one or two times a week for me is quite common. I have made main course meals of steam vegetables and salads. Therefore, when I was on the Akins plan, I still did not eat a lot of red meat. However, after a while, I did not want to see another can of tuna fish or avocados. Even now, according to Tilberry's book, I am a Pesco Pollo Vegetarian with an occasional fall off to something that moos, but cooked very well done!

I have met many vegetarians and vegans. Many social network friends of mine have gone "V". My daughter has friends that are both of these. Therefore, that would qualify me as an expert on the veggie people.

Photo Credit: I Know a Vegetarian T-Shirt - Available on Zazzle here

Embrace Your Psychic

Patricia Van Winkle - Sidekick

Because Jim Tilberry is hard of hearing, he thought he hired a sidekick to collaborate on his book. Instead, he hired, Patricia Van Winkle who is a physic. She takes on an amusing part in this book with interviews of famous dead vegetarians, animals who swear off meat and a vegetarian horoscope.

This book is full of information from definitions, what you can eat, Q&A and towards the back of the book it has 20 questions to test your veggie knowledge with this educational quiz.

Revenge of the Vegetarian is now available on as a Kindle eBook and paperback.

More Vegetarian Books

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