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Divinity is all around us but it is not religion.

Updated on February 2, 2016
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Robin G Howard science fiction fantasy author was once taken into the future to witness a remarkable event. Reality & fiction are as one.

The search for enlightenment is discovery from within. The person who is honourable, honest and straightforward will interrogate and question themselves on their decisions. Self-circumspection shows the answer and disclosure of doing right or wrong. It is easy to choose a religion that best suits your needs and harder to question its selection. Here, faith and belief enter the arena. Errors occur trying to reconcile between divinity and science. Do you believe the Holy Book or scientists? Did the earth form in six days or 4.3 billion years and then cooled down after approximately 200 million years? Both these representations made by men who were both scholars of divinity and scientists. Ancient authors of the Holy Books could only think of days and nights, months and years created by the birth of a star and movement of planets.

Is it possible for divinity and science to coexist? Jehovah or God in dictionary terms means: perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, a ruler of the universe - a force, an effect, or an aspect of this being. A being of supernatural powers or attributes believed in and worshipped by a people, an image of a supernatural being - an idol. One that is worshipped idealised or followed. No one has ever seen God, the symbol of the word meaning belief and faith. Many men have written Holy Books from their imaginative minds or dream sequences. Is it not strange that women have never contributed to the Holy Books? There have also been many Gods conceived throughout the ages. The word God becomes meaningless attributed to any supernatural forces that exist in the world of humankind. Unless ‘God’ is properly categorised humankind could be worshipping any evil force as God.

The concept now being realised is that mathematics and science are also of a divine nature. Equations created and formulated that ultimately will prove the point that a divine force does exist. The word 'GOD' is now obsolete and a new name category would be 'The Benevolent Supreme Divine Source'. Here a link is established to the 'Divine Source Code' that is in every living being and all things inanimate, and compares with early Christian thinking of the Holy Ghost. The DSC is still the unknown essence or forces that yet needs identifying.

The mind or brain is the most complex part of the human body, a primary centre for regulation and control of bodily activities. It sends and receives complex impulses throughout its system. A centre of consciousness in thought, emotion and memory. That centre also contains a quantum essence or aura (DSC) that will soon be recognised hurling humankind into a new era of discovery. Already slightly identified, believed, and named as psychic ability, the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. The release of these equations of divinity will eventually release a worldwide ecstasy of wisdom and enlightenment.

The difference between reality and fiction is not known. The ancestors of earth created some of the greatest fiction we now read, the Holy Books. They were authored and edited by mental cognition caused by the physical and subconscious mind. Everything that is unknown is of a divine supernatural source. Slowly the known and the unknown are merging developing into a divinity of science and mathematics. Until we are able to understand our supernatural abilities physicality only allows participation in one reality, our own.

In the future, we may see formulas of divinity when we all can astral travel and see the wonders of the cosmos. We shall all witness a sudden realisation of a new age of enlightenment. Until then we may only read fiction stories of the coming event. The explanation to this in the form of fiction is the only way to ratify this absolute phenomenon. By reading the short story equations of divinity in the new book -Adventures in space & fiction fantasy, you will discover the future.

Adventures cover

Adventures in space and fiction fantasy
Adventures in space and fiction fantasy
Equations of Divinity
Equations of Divinity
The Monadic Chair
The Monadic Chair

Adventures in space & fiction fantasy

The physical human brain and mind is unique working at different vibratory levels. A certain quantum essence is contained in each mind. In some, it is strong in others weak described as divine mathematics.


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