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Romance with Poetry: The Ins and Outs of a Sensual Poem

Updated on September 27, 2014
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Gary R. Hess is the author of two poetry books, "Looking Glass" and "Poetic Night".


Poetry & Romance

Romance is something every relationship needs. Whether your relationship is just starting off or if you have been married for fifty years, romance should be forever present.

Throughout history, poetry has been a literature of love. From Sappho to Keats to present day poets, there are plenty of words donated to these romantic writings. Nonetheless, poetry isn't always romantic and simply placing words within lines and stanzas doesn't make it so. The poetry needs meaning and needs to come from the heart.

Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself. Romance should be brainstormed and planned before put into action. Blindly going about a romantic gesture isn't the best way to succeed. With that said, the very same can be said about poetry.

Brainstorm for Ideas

What will you say?

When writing a poem, it is important to have a topic at hand. Braindstorm ideas! Coming out and saying, "Romance! That's the topic," doesn't help. You should focus on something. Will you focus on your partner's beauty? Will you focus on something about your relationship? Or will you write about how much this person means to you? These are 'real' topics. You need to focus on something particular and not something as broad as "romance." Actually, even the topics I have just suggested a too broad.

During brainstorming, it is possible to use a mental map (or spider map, whatever you wish to call it).

As an example, I'll choose my partner's beauty. From there, I'll divide her beauty into different subjects as to what can be said: her lips, her hips, her eyes, her smile, her legs, and how cute she looks when she's thinking.

From there, I can go ahead and divide each of those categories up even further. What is it about her lips, her hips, her eyes, etc.? Is it their poutiness? Is it the way she moves them? There uniqueness? Their color? Write them down.

Plan for What's to Come

Know how you will say it

Now that we have a better idea on what can be said, we'll go ahead and start planning out the poem. Remember, there are many, many types of poetry. It is much easier to write a poem using a specific type than it is to write free-style regardless of what a teenage mind will tell you, and here is why: meters, meaning, and emotion.

A writing must contain all three of these in order to be an actual poem. A poem without one of these is meaningless and is considered as doggerel. So be careful, choose wisely, and take your time when writing.

One popular choice for love poems are sonnets. There are many types of sonnets, but generally speaking they consist of 14 lines and consist of a rhyme scheme such as Shakespeare's a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g and a meter scheme like iambic pentameter.

Romance in Books

Execute the Plan

Do it

In order to execute, you must first have a full grasp of the first two steps. Although this step is still the hardest of them all, it is made much easier when the first two are done fully.

In order to write the best poem possible, take your time, have a thesaurus handy, and when you are having too much trouble with the poem put it down and come back to it later. A poem should never be hurried or else it loses itself.

After you have finished writing the poem, it is then up to your delivery. Will you read it to her? Will you sing it to her? Will you place it somewhere that she'll find it when she is least expecting it (such as within her book or in her jewelry box)? Perhaps, the poem can even be given to her wrapped around the stems of roses for her birthday.

It's up to you, afterall. Make the most of it. You can make it as sensual or non-sexual as you please. It's your poem and it is your romance. Just be sure to execute it as properly as you can.

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