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sPacific Desires

Updated on January 2, 2010

sPacific desires.


Pickled people emerge
after hours of
boogie boarding,
with salt encrusted hair,
the tang of her green tea,
plants smiles on their lips,
as they tumble by her side,
in the grains of crystal she has
ground finely for their beds,
then they nap in the sultry sun,
with her whispers
overlapping their dreams.
Toddlers dance through
her fingers of foam
tickling their toes
and setting them
on their bottoms
with giggles and
gravity like flesh bobbers
they tumble,
Umbrellas sprout like many
multi-colored mushrooms
shading the burnt offerings
to the Goddess known as sea.
come bask in her balm,
float in her arms,
and feel the pull of her passion
as you drift in her
warm ever reaching embrace



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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      i liked this, i could read it a few times and probably will