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Sadman Hussein

Updated on November 9, 2015

I wrote a poem about this guy a long time ago,this is an updated version.

Nutters anonymous

Saddam Hussein,now hears a man who was clearly insane

strutted his stuff,with malice and no shame.

persecuted his people,killed at will

only his people would ever foot the bill.

eventually he was caught,he said he did no wrong

if you listen to his speeches,it was a common song.

he was always right,he never committed a crime

i would have preferred to see him do time.

let the innocent survivors,judge him each day

from morning to night,judged every day

hanging was too easy,it was quick and fast

he should have suffered,his pain should last

he murdered without impunity,day after day

thousands of victims left by the way

living in fear,not a normal life

never any happiness,just fear and strife.

he destroyed a country,brought it to its knees

for his own self ego,only himself to please.

made millions of pounds,palaces and cars

while his citizens suffered,restricted by bars.

he had fair support,from other tyrantsas well

he was seen as a hero,his story they would tell

about a man who defied the West,took his country to battle

while rounding up his people,no more rights thrown in to battle.

in all probability,he got what he deserved

people would have preferred,to see his time served.


Crimes Against His Own People.

This man if you can call him that,ruled with a fist of iron.he tolerated no rebellious people,people who dared to stand up to this man inevitably ended up dead.he summarily executed thousands of his own people for little or no reason at all.better off dead.

Army of followers.


maybe an understatement for this psychopath.he loved his power and flaunted it everyday, he rules in his country without empathy.he had no nice was either his way or the highway. Like most dictators he had armies of followers willing to die for him.Willing to blow up themselves and others to further his cause.He operated for so long with impunity,his crimes lasted for years,but inevitably he had to be brought to justice,and answer for his crimes.His passing would have been celebrated by many,and mourned by very few.

What was his desired destiny?

Gold Reserves.

he was reputed to have had millions in gold bullion stashed away,also huge amounts of cash and houses.the new Iraqi government should sell all his assets and make sure his long suffering people get the benefit of that money.

Young to old.

the difference between these two pictures I uploaded are frightening.he was still loved by a fair proportion of his people,then you see his last picture.totally a broken man,a shadow of his former self.

Peace Is a Goal

I think peace in Iraq is a possibility,it's going to take some time and a lot of consessions given by all relevant parties wishing a say in how the new Iraq will shape up.if there's no compromise,peace may be a distant dream.

All wish well

I truly wish happiness for the Iraqi people ,out of a lot of persecuted races and people throughout the world,the Iraqi people deserve a break.After all the years of upheaval the Iraqi people still suffer, the still deal with insurgents in their country still peddling their misery.There are bombs exploding daily killing innocent people,this supposedly is for a cause.What cause justifies killing innocent women and children,no cause warrants this bloodshed.It has to stop,the Iraqi people have the right to live and experience normal life.They should be able to leave their houses without the fear of being blown up or shot.If there is any justice,this will happen for these people sooner rather than later.Years of British and American help and assistance seems now not to have lasted,the country continues to spiral out of control.All the good deeds done to free the Iraqi people look destined to be wasted.It's a pity the insurgents who are determined to inflict misery on these people ,can't find another way to get their points or issues addressed.The have never cared about the feelings of innocent people,so they aren't about to start caring now.


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