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Salesmen's story

Updated on April 23, 2013

One Sunday morning after worship service the chief paster in a big church made an anouncement: " Dear brothers and sisters, as you all know that our city got hit by the natural disaser couple weeks ago and we used up almost all the available resources to support those who are affected. Now we need more financial support for our church's daily operation. after considering all the options we have now, we decide to sell bibles sitting in our basement so that not only the people who need spiritual support can benefit by reading the Bibles, but also we can raise some money to support our daily operation. Now we need some volunteers to sell those Bibles. Whoever want to do it, please raise your hand."

The congregation started whispering quitely. "Who can do it? I don't know how." "Can you sell?" Then the pastor said "Please be quite, if you can't or don't want to do it, only those who want to do it, please raise your hands" A few seconds later, somebody said "I will do it!" loudly. Everybody turned to the direction where the voice came out. They found a well-groomed middle-aged man standing in the middle of the seating with his hand up. It was Robert who was a well-known salesman in the city. "Oh yeah, he can do it because he has sales experience" one said. "You are right, he can do it " Another said. The pastor said "Ok, Robert, you are one, who else want to do it?" Couple of seconds later, "I am the second who wants to do it!" It was Tim, Tim is another salesman in local area. " Yes, he can sell too because he is a salesman for his whole life" somebody said in the congregation. The pastor said "Ok, Tim, you are another one, whoelse want to do it?" About three minutes past, nobody responded, the pastor asked again "Who else?" Suddenly "I!" a very simple word sounded very loud from the back of the hall, people turned around and saw a young man in his later 20's staning up with his right hand in the air in the back row of the seating and his face was blushed. He was Allan who is known as a shy and quite young man. People in the church know him, but rarely they heared him talking, they only see him helping or working with others and smiling.

You can't imagine how the congregation was disturbed by Allan's simple word and handraising. someone said "Oh can he do it?" doubtedly. Somebody else said "I don't think so." Most people who know Allan looked at him agaped. The paster asked "Allan, are you sure you want to do it?" Allan said "Yeah!" Then to prevent further noise from the congregation, the pastor said "If no any body else wants to do it, lets go to basement to get Bibles for sale before you leave the church after lunch and in three weeks you will come back to report how you are doing with the Bible selling.

Three weeks later after the service the pastor called Robert, Tim, and Allan to the stage and let them report to the congregation how many Bibles each of them sold. Robert, the well-known salesman in the city, reported that he sold 148 copies, Tim's' said he sold 134. Then it's Allan's turn. People was waiting for Allan's report expectantly with sweat in their palms because they didn't want to see this young man feeling defeated or frustrated because he didn't sell as many as the other two did. Allan walked little bit further on the stage and said: "I so-so-sold one-one hun-hundred s-sixty-two co-co-copies". Then the three of them walked off the stage and people started clapping and shouting. Immediatly they surrounded Allan and asked him "Allan, Allan, how did you do it, how did you do it, please tell us!" "What di you say when you was selling Bibles to people from door to door?"

The pastor saw that it's hard to calm down the uproaring in the hall, he separated people, walked up to Allan, said encouragingly : "Allan, would you please tell us how you did it or exactly what you said in very simple way?" Allan said: "a-a-after some-some bo-body o-opened the-the door for-for me, I ho-hold u-up a Bi-bible and a-asked the-them: " W-w-would yo-you like to buy-buy a co-copy or w-w-would you w-w-want me to re-re-read it to you he-here?"

Do you like the story? If you do, why? What points can you draw from this salesmen story? Please think while you are reading and see whether you can learn anything from the story. If you want to know the important message this story imparts, I will reveal it to you in my next hub that will follow soon.


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