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No Uniqueness

Updated on September 12, 2019

Hours, minutes and seconds remains the same but time never remains the same. All normal — pioneering, clear minded, sedulous and engrossed people will lead lives of GOALS. Psychopaths will try to figure out the things all their life. Thinkers will always think about things. Every living being follows the same pattern but in different dimensions!

“An individual human existence is like a river — small at first, narrowly contained within its banks and rushing passionately past rocks, over waterfalls. Gradually the river grows wider, the bank recedes, the waters flow more quietly and in the end — without any visible break — they merge in the sea and painlessly lose their individual being.” Aqsa Baig

It’s quite common that a writer sits and try to pen down his idea but suddenly an idea that his idea is not new — hits on his mind. He googles his idea, if not found on the internet, he writes it down. But he is dumbfounded as soon as he reads his idea in a newspaper published by someone else — a week later. Why this happened? Is it because the two had same ideas? Or is it because the writer’s idea was stolen within a week? Maybe it’s because the idea was that plain sailing that many people were thinking about it at the same time? YES! We cannot call it simple but a complex idea that came to mind of not only these two writers but millions of people. It is quite not digestible that an idea so common yet complicated — came to millions of minds, but it was not on the internet. This happened because not all people have access to internet, because the old sanes don’t find internet befitting for their ideas to put into, because all the internet data is not available on surface internet, because not all the millions recognized their idea. Recognized their idea — in a way that they did not get to know their ideas. How is that idea even theirs if they do not recognize it? The idea is theirs because they think about it, they have that image in their minds, but it’s hard for them to put it into words so they never did it. Only the lucky two writers did it.

Thinking about it, some will say that Aristotle’s ideas are mundane, many people thought like that but never brought that out, so discredit him! No! That’s not how it works. Not everyone has the abilities to bring out their ideas. Aristotle brought his idea out, he did it, he worked for it. So it’s his idea. Brad Pitt is given kudos for the role he plays, no one credits the writer of his dialogues that much. The applause is for Aristotle and Brad Pitt, not the others. They are in the frame. We need someone to honor to keep the world in order.

All men naturally desire to know.” Aristotle

We wonder about some things, thinking that we will find a solution, working hard for it. Why? Just to be recognized. But remember we are not alone who are doing it, millions of us are doing it, in the same way we are doing it. It’s just this that our social circles are small enough to never let us know about others who are like us. Some seek books to help themselves, some seek teachers. The seeking process benefits a little but consumes more time. Time is destined to be consumed by making people go after others. In the end we all turn back to our original idea or theme. Books and teachers modify our ideas but never change it. So yes, it benefits and it does not.

It’s quite funny how we human beings are struggling with our own selves. We know nothing then we know something then we know more and then we die before knowing everything. This is the pattern. Even the most non serious human beings come to their rational beings at least once in their lives. Every one ponders over little things. There are full stops. We don’t proceed further. It’s not that we can’t proceed but we don’t want to. At last it is the gloomy picture of mankind who found many things yet nothing. There are philosophers, theologians, mystics, ,cosmologies, rationales, epistemologists, metaphysis, astronomers, psychologists — who did everything yet nothing. We are entrapped in a circle where there is going back but no ending. We come and play our parts and go. We are encased in a full blown balloon where our thoughts wander here and there inside the balloon trying hard to figure out what it is. But there is a limit to our thoughts that can’t go outside the balloon. We are oscillating back and forth on a pendulum but can’t fall out of it. Some people think outside the box — but there is a box within a box. Scientists and philosophers may have reached outside the box but they can’t reach the box outside that box and so on.


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