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Seen Even in the Dark

Updated on June 19, 2017

seen in the dark!!!

In the sand of time beautiful footprint seen,

In the dark, darkest night I see you,

In the silent gentle breeze I see you,

Even in the storming sea I see you.

Memories of times shared,

Sweetest memories ever,

More glaring than evermore,

You are always seen even in the dark.

Forever I will cherish you,

Forever I will love you,

Forever I will keep you so close,

Because you are seen even in the dark.

This creative piece is the sole copyright of Oyebola Oloyede

No part of it should be copied without her prior written approval.

Copyright ©®2015


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    • profile image

      thandiubani 5 days ago

      This is awesome; very heartfelt.

    • voice of pen profile image

      oloyede oyebola 5 days ago from lagos nigeria

      bro thank you

    • profile image

      Olaitan I.F 4 days ago

      Great job. Convinced we have acquired an asset!

    • voice of pen profile image

      oloyede oyebola 4 days ago from lagos nigeria

      thanks ma,for reading my poem.I am humbled at this!!!

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