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"The Shilling"

Updated on January 28, 2017

A Golden Shilling

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The shilling She gave me,
On that winter night,
Which She wanted me to bury,
Deep down with all my might.

That time I was on Crossroad
She said politely "Trust Me".
She wanted me to get on board,
And break my endless scurry.

So I listened to her, as clueless as ever,
And go on the top of that ferry,
I promised to Her I'd Return never
If that shilling I didn't bury.

Once I was out of that nut shell,
I had forgotten all my promise,
given into the world's propel,
I became as immature as a novice.

Then I got me thinking-
What was I really here for?
To Bury that Shilling-
Or to crave it even more?

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© 2017 Mr-Hmm


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