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short poems

Updated on November 14, 2014

Short Poems

For a Friend

I lost myself in the hate for you. Breaking what should not have been broken. Then they where gone too..I was lost, and didn't know who I was, What I was to do. Everything I knew was gone far from me.I held on. Don't know why but I kept on fighting for what I thought that I lost forever. Every night I would cry myself to sleep. To get this pain of mine to disappear, But it never did.I try to end it once but that voice that was around said" You'll always be loved and not by me."So he saved this pore lost sole of mine. I become strong again and started standing my ground.It may have cost me a friendship but he new what he was doing.So I started my life again...

Short poems

I know where I want my life to go, But getting there is what I dream of..My first thought was of you. No matter what I do I see you. When I close my eyes and dream we are dancing in the moonlight.

We've taken the long way around, But are paths meet once again,and merge into one. I never held back.Held on with everything I had.Could of had my choice of men, but knew I truely never could love again. Because I never fell out of love with you.Now lets drop kick out of the past. Lets Sore gracefully into the future. Not holding back.


In truth it's always been easier to hate then love. But many times misunderstood. I've tried to love or show affection. Many times I was betrayed.So this I say" First times together last forever Untouched by stained emotions.


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