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Sidereal Time and its Discontents

Updated on May 1, 2015
My gratitude to Johnny Ranger whose selection of music that accompanies this photo inspired this poeto-political reflection
My gratitude to Johnny Ranger whose selection of music that accompanies this photo inspired this poeto-political reflection | Source

The nature of time is different in childhood:

stretching far and wide... It gets eclipsed as we age and shrinks and shrinks taking the light with it.... We've created an obscene ideology that recognises only sidereal time (even though the actual thing comes in about a dozen formats); And sidereal time demands only certain kinds of friends such as abstract allegories and metaphors which are imaginary instead of image-full— while its close friends of the steno sign which is just as abstract but considered for no other reason than pure prejudice, to be concentrated truth instead of self-induced occulted opaqueness...

Armed with a language

of delusional symbols (to shore up) the corporate man can then do his "jobin" in pure mathematical confidence and precision as his mouth has been co-opted by another behind-the-curtains-personality—yes, you guessed it, a ventriloquist, that Swedish god from Valhalla who organises all the town hall meetings, the White House press conferences (that now resemble Las Vegas made for TV. roasts) and the endless award ceremonies that — in the eye of the spectacle's storm — have equal standing with street riots, natural catastrophes, and revolutions...

from the film E.T.
from the film E.T. | Source

Indeed, our fraudulent

culture only knows recuperation—everything else that matters (like children, true women, agriculture, wildlife and the earth) is outside sidereal time and unamenable to rationalisation... And therefore, of no consequence; For this reason the End of the World also will be of no consequence for the news media or the moguls and tycoons who run the world secretly... Either it will be televised as a sitcom (if we survive it) or it will not appear at all (as an official image of prosthestised consciousness)...

What will appear instead

will be a spectacular show prepared well in advance by the best script-writing minds the industry can find to present as theatre-verité the arrival of extra-terrestrial life back to earth as the first step of legitimating the inauguration of a new world government run from Space Lab (and eventually Mars) that will govern not nation states which will become obsolete, but Sectors where street people (to be considered vermin) live...

At least, this is the plan!

It may derail, because in an absurd sort of way, by inversion another script will be playing out: the "rapture" will also by mirror reflection to the "Satanic" script above, be a non-event. It will not even be perceived nor registered by the official strata of society. The wedding feast however will be perceived and reveled in to celebrate the New Age of a World Government by consultation with superior life forms... But a short wedding feast it will be, for the wolves are hungry and the bride looks so plump and the bridegroom looks so delectable... A short wedding feast it will be.


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