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Smuggling With Jesus? by Hank Cooper

Updated on May 13, 2019
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Follow Hank’s journey as he deviates from his life’s plan and miraculously finds his way to a better, brighter future.

Summary of Smuggling With Jesus a Book by Hank Cooper

Okay, so let’s get this straight. Canadian, Hank Cooper, looking for some excitement at the tender age of 23, and maybe even a way to pick up some extra spending money, takes up a friendly offer one night from a stranger at a party in Toronto…and the next day, he’s running cocaine from Colombia to Canada for
Pablo Escobar.

During his trial run to La Paz Bolivia, Hank finds himself paralyzed by fear. A coup du jour has turned the streets three stories below his hotel window into a war zone. How are Hank and his new business partner, Bernie, going to get out of the country with two kilos of coke? Who can they call, Ghostbusters?

The answer rests with a “young, handsome, and very personable” Argentinean police officer, Francesco, traveling with his mother, who the two smugglers befriended at their hotel the day before. After Hank and Bernie build up the courage to admit that they were not quite on a sightseeing excursion, the cop should have flashed a badge and hauled them off to one of the most notorious prisons in South America. Instead, he says with a smile: “We are friends, and in this part of the world friends help each other no matter what.”

Days later, the officer is shaking hands with a Peruvian border guard. Passage granted. Come again?

A month later, and 9967.34 kilometers farther north, Bernie says to Hank, “Get in the car. We have to go somewhere now! You will soon find out.” Within 30 minutes, the two are hopping up the steps to Customs at Toronto International. This is nuts, Hank is thinking. Inside a small room, they meet with a 20-something Canada Customs Agent. The kid acts like he’s all but delighted to see Bernie. After working out delivery dates and times, the Customs Agent opens his locker and gives his new friend, Hank, an official Customs shirt…and a badge.

Four weeks later, badges are flashing as the Canadian Mounties raid the home of Hank’s mother. Hank is screaming at them to leave his mother alone and get out of the house. The three cops net a bag of…laundry detergent, after testing what they thought was cocaine for sure. Frustrated, one of the officers drops the cliche caveat: “We’ll be watching you. You’ll eventually slip up.” They speed off in their undercover cars. Two questions come to mind:

Images Of Bolivia

Was Bernie a Reincarnation of Jesus?

Why isn't this guy dead?
Shouldn't he be pushing his memoir in the Fiction category?
Hank Cooper is either the epitome of naive…or incredibly lucky. Or he’s blessed by traveling and forging a deep friendship with one of the most intriguing and atypical drug smugglers in history: Bernie.

A nice guy, who everyone the pair encounters, seems to adore.
In Smuggling With Jesus, (300 pages; 85,000 words), Hank Cooper’s firsthand account of his life in the international drug trade, the author captures the lighter side of drug smuggling and makes a case for one life that is a movie and is destined to become one. Only with these characters – Uzi-brandishing drug lords, hippies
financing their art with coke deals, law enforcement officials providing Carte Blanche for a drug trade gone way off the charts, frankly, it’s hard to tell the criminals from the good guys.

The writer’s past is so heavily steeped in illegal activity, his own editor insisted on signing a waiver to protect himself from the threats of potential ongoing surveillance. Let’s face it, as Hank Cooper has established throughout most of his “professional” career, you’re more often known by who your friends are. And through his engaging, unsettling, yet uncannily approachable story, Hank Cooper sets out to figure out just who his friend, Bernie, is, and why, like a modern day son of God, he seems so blessed. But will his luck run out?

Smuggling With Jesus by Hank Cooper

Smuggling With Jesus
Smuggling With Jesus
A Man’s Journey To Hell And Back Hank Cooper’s captivating story, based on true life events, will keep you on the edge and give you an inside view of the dark and dangerous world of drug smuggling and addiction. This honest account of his years spent on the wrong side of the law will work as both a cautionary tale and an interesting read for everyone. In his book, Cooper navigates through his motives, journey and lessons learned during his life. Smuggling With Jesus explores the dangers and fast pace of drugs and the mentality of a smuggler in the era of mass surveillance. From cocaine to heroin and from rags to riches, this memoir will change the way you view drug smuggling. Join Hank Cooper on his journey through crime, addiction and, finally, redemption. A fascinating read for everyone.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Henry Cooper


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