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A couple of Written pieces

Updated on March 24, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Jesse Lopez(Jerlin Leroy) Is A Poet and a Artist of the drawing and painting kind. He's also a entrepreneur/ A man with many hustles.

Art 1


Wicked High


Verse 1

Every dog has his day
No time to mourn no time to play
I love to wake up and see the sun rays
Look at me I'm drifting to the shade
But no one makes it there
some one told me life wasn't fair
If your asking me
you get what you shared
live it to the fullest even if you might have to pull it
some people just don't get it
profile point him out he's just the one that did it
Under the bride like a troll is where he headed
Grab The Cream Grab The Cheese even The slabs of Meat
And that was only a quarter of beef
Had to turn up With serious heat
I just want you all to get away from me...

Picture 3


Picture 1


Verse 2

Every thing started from a sperm and egg

Born to a parent that'll give a arm and leg

Gets twisted by the passing days

More abuse Mother pays

stress reliever for some brighter days

Still no conscious No contemplates

Your dealing with whats in your hands

But I'm dealing with whats on the plate

And watching out whose gonna take

No more lashing out What is real and what is fake

No Teacher So i use my faith

Hoping I'm in the right place.....

Something that has deep meaning to me.

© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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