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Song Lyrics: A Song About Lost Love

Updated on July 13, 2014

These are the lyrics I wrote to a ballad - like many songs, the words express the pain and heartache felt when relationship ends and one person is left grieving. In this example, it has probably ended due to death and the protagonist feels alone; bereft; as though life cannot move forwards. And sometimes it is so difficult to move on - when we pine for someone, we are constantly reminded of them in every aspect of our lives - as we walk; when we hear a song; even when we look at the vastness of the night sky.


Don't Know If I Can Make It Alone

I still see your face

Hiding in the rain clouds

Shining in the moon

Has it been so long?

It just feels so soon

And I don't know

If I will ever let go

Tell me why I'd want to

Tell me how to grow

You know I don't know

If I can make it alone

And I don't know

If I can still see the stars

The dreams that we shared

So shattered and marred

The sparkle, it hides

In the depths of my heart

Where a piece of you sings

And yet tears me apart

And the music, so quiet,

It's just for our ears

Playing the magic

Playing the fears

You would tell me, go on -

I don't know if I can

Though memories soothe me

And the touch of your hand

Comforts my soul

Is it really you?

I want to believe

Really, I do

Want you by my side

Wherever I go

You know I don't know

If I can make it alone


Your voice, faraway

And yet somehow so near

Words make me smile

Yet bring me to tears

The hope of a dream

Where does it go?

Does it float on the skyline?

Please let me know

I sit and I wonder

In my own little space

What could've been

In some other place

A world without time

A world without ends

I look at the sky

And know love transcends

All we can touch

All we can see

Beautiful moments that

Always will be

And though I'm adrift

Lost on the sea

I will ride on the story

Of you and of me

© Polly C, Jan 2013 (All Rights Reserved)

About This Song

This is a song about a beautiful love that has been lost. When we lose someone we love so much, we might feel that we can't go on without them. We are suddenly alone in the world and everything has changed. We are looking everywhere: for the life that we had; for memories; for reminders. The memories bring us both comfort and tears. It takes time to heal; to move on and pick up the pieces. Even then, we don't want to let go, we want to carry the person and the love inside our hearts forever. We feel them everywhere.

I don't write music, but this is a slow song that I hear in my head acoustically. It has a heartfelt, haunting sound with lots of feeling and emotion. I hear the tune, but really need someone elses' expertise to write the melody. Even so, the lyrics came into my head and had to be written down.


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