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Sookie Stackhouse Books In Order

Updated on March 3, 2014

Trouble Putting The Sookie Stackhouse Books In Order?

If you have troubles putting the Sookie Stackhouse books in order, this article will help you read them in the proper order for storyline continuity. I suggest you read them in sequential order, so that you really get to enjoy the entire series.

Many things happening in one book will be mentioned briefly in the next one - or even in two books down the road, and it's so annoying when you have no idea what the writer is talking about! This is why the Sookie Stackhouse novels order is quite important.

The latest Sookie Stackouse book, called Dead Ever After, published in 2013.

Charlaine Harris has written a fabulous paranormal romance series (specifically in the urban fantasies category) called the Southern Vampire Mysteries, featuring the lovely Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress with a flair for finding trouble (and vampires) every step of the way.

I loved every single book in the series, and I can't wait for #13 called Dead Ever After, which should be released sometimes this year.

Sookie Stackhouse Collection Set
Sookie Stackhouse Collection Set

Sookie Stackhouse Collection Set - A Great Gift For Any Occasion

If you're only starting now with the Sookie Stackhouse series, why not get the first 8 books right away to get up to speed? Trust me, once you start reading the books, you'll want to continue reading without interruptions of waiting for a next book to arrive in the post.

Here you get the first 8 novels:

Dead Until Dark

Living Dead in Dallas

Club Dead

Dead to the World

Dead as a Doornail

Definitely Dead

All Together Dead

From Dead to Worse

Sookie Stackhouse Books In Order

Overview Of The Sookie Stackhouse Novels Order

  1. Dead Until Dark (#1) - Dead Until Dark is the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series, published in 2001. It was the beginning of a great series that attracted lots and lots of loyal readers.
  2. Living Dead in Dallas (#2) - Living Dead In Dallas is book number 2, published in 2002.
  3. Club Dead (#3) - Club Dead is book #3 in the Southern Vampire mysterie series featuring Sookie Stackhouse. Published in 2003.
  4. Dead to the World (#4) - Here is #4 called Dead to the World. Loved this one! It was published in 2004.
  5. Dead As A Doornail (#5) - Dead as a Doornail is the 5th book in the popular series, published in 2005.
  6. Definitely Dead (#6) - Definitely Dead is book 6 in the Southern Vampire mysteries, and it was published in 2006.
  7. All Together Dead (#7) - Book #7, All Together Dead was also published in 2006.
  8. From Dead to Worse (#8) - Book number 8 finds Sookie Stackhouse in a new book published in 2008.
  9. Dead and Gone (#9) - Dead and Gone is the ninth book in the urban fantasy series, and it was published in 2009.
  10. Dead in the Family (#10) - The 10th book in the Sookie Stackhouse books in order is Dead in the Family, published in 2010.
  11. Dead Reckoning (#11) - This book was published in 2011 and it is the 11th in the Sookie Stackhouse series.
  12. Deadlocked (#12) - So far one the latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse vampire novel series, it was published in 2012.
  13. Dead Ever After (#13) - The 13th book in the Southern Vampire Mystery series was published in May this year.

Did you know that Charlaine Harris has released another popular paranormal series featuring this time Harper Connelly, a woman with somewhat strange abilities: to find dead people....

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse # 1)

Dead Until Dark (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Southern Vampire Novels)
Dead Until Dark (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Southern Vampire Novels)

I am a big fan of paranormal romances and mysteries and when I first heard about the Sookie Stackhouse series, I ordered the first book right away. It was so good, I practically devoured it in one sitting.

It's a very easy read and even if some editions of the book seem rather big, don't be fooled by it, you can really read a book in just a few short hours. It does help that it's so good, it practically reads itself.

In the first book we are introduced to the cute waitress Sookie, who can read minds, an ability that makes it very difficult for her to get a date. Afterall knowing what the other person thinks of you all the time can become quite the turn-off....

Until a new vampire comes to town...


Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2)

Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 2)
Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 2)

The next story in the Southern Vampire mysteries series finds Sookie dating the said vampire, thinking that he is probably the perfect man who has ever graced the world with his steps.

One of Sookie's coworkers is found dead and Sookie and Bill (her vamp boyfriend) have to solve his murder...


Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #3)

Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 3)
Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 3)

Book 3 stars with Sookie's personal problems with Bill. She can't understand why he's so distant lately. Right until he disappears, out of town. Eric, the ubervampire, Bill's boss, says that Bill has been called to another state. And yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, Eric gets included in the love triangle, making a book a real hoot to read.

Of course the story gets more complicated with Sookie's murderous thoughts towards Bill whom she's of either dumping or right out killing...


Which Series By Charlaine Harris Is Your Favorite?

See results

Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse #4)

Dead To The World (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 4)
Dead To The World (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 4)

Did I mention before the love triangle between Sookie, Bill and Eric the vampire boss? Well things are about to get more interesting here...Bill disappears to Peru this time, just when Sookie finds Eric walking without clothes on the street with no recollection of who he is or why he is stark naked.

So far this was my favorite book in the series. Eric is so different from his usual self, he's even very pleasant and Sookie is quite in danger of falling in love...But as much as she'd like to have Eric in this permanent loverboy state, she simply has to solve the case of Eric, even if that means him getting back his memory and becoming the evil Eric again...


Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse #5)

Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 5)
Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 5)

Eric is back. To his old self, that is. With no recollection of his time spent with Sookie. This book focuses more on shapeshifters, specifically on Jason, Sookie's brother who is a werepanther.

Also as usual, Sookie gets shot (she gets wounded in every installment), and the mystery is on again. Oh and if we're back on the it gets even weirder...Sam, Sookie's boss kisses her and she starts to fall for him too...And of course Sam is no ordinary guy either...


Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #6)


Sookie meets the Queen. Of the vampires, that is. In this installment she goes to New Orleans, the main lair of the vampires and here she meets Quinn...

Although I loved this book as well, somehow I do miss the previous characters, Bill and Eric...


All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #7)

All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 7)
All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 7)

This time Sookie has to attend the vampire summit. And she's not even a vampire herself. But due to her psychical abilities, she is ordered by Eric and by the queen herself to spy on the attendees.

This book sets the stage for a next chapter in Sookie's life. It deals more with vampire politics and here we see Sookie taking charge for once. Far is she from the early Sookie who was simply happy to wait table and basically be a barmaid.


From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse #8)

From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 8)
From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 8)

The plot in this book is almost non-existent. When reading the book I felt that it was more about tying loose ends and parading various older characters. Sookie is back waiting her tables in the bar and serving blood to local vampires.

This book is a great example as to why you need to read the Sookie Stackhouse books in order. If you start with this book, for example, you'll just scratch your head about various characters as you won't know who's who and why are they there. But if you've read them in order and get to this 8th book, you'll have a few aha moments along the way and find out about the happenings in the life of some of our beloved characters.


Dead and Gone (Sookie Stackhouse #9)

Dead And Gone (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 9)
Dead And Gone (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 9)

The ninth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, which for me seemed quite busy. Lots of characters coming and going, both old and new, and Sookie is back with Eric once again. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this 9th book. On one hand If ind it a bit disjointed, on the other hand I love the Sookie Stackhouse world of paranormal, so I'm in the end not disappointed at all that I've read it.


Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse #10)

Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 10)
Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 10)

What I loved mostly about this book is the developing relationship between Sookie and Eric. Even in the early books when Sookie was with Bill I still somehow rooted for Eric. He is a much more complex character and I feel, much more enjoyable as well. So I'm glad they're together now...even with their complex situation.

There are many small subplots in this book that will be mostly understood if you've read the previous novels in the series. Many old characters appear again and even Bill gets a nice storyline tie-up. Lovely episode.


Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11)

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 11)
Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 11)

The 11th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, with just one more book to be published (apparently).

Maybe not the best in the series, it is still a great read. Nothing earth shattering happens in this book, even Sookie and Eric get to a hurdle in their relationship and it looks like they might not even make it together...Or will they?

Now we're left to wait for book #12 which should be published this year. Come on Charlaine Harris, hurry up!


Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12)

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 12)
Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 12)

Here is the latest Sookie Stackhouse book in the popular vampire series. While I did like the book, many people found it a bit disappointing. The book is shorter and at times it does feel like it was written in a rush, just to get it out. However if you are a fan of Sookie, I don't think this will put you off from buying it as a great read for Christmas or any time before or after. Personally I quite enjoyed it, even thought the pace was a tad bit slower than her usual style...

Dead Ever After
Dead Ever After

Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13)

Well the latest Sookie Stackhouse book has also been finally published. Honestly, for me it's a bit of a letdown. Maybe because I've been reading these vampire books for so long and their allure starts to vane off, maybe because of the strange ending (won't give away any clues, don't worry). But fact it, the series ending really disappointed me.

How much I long for the good old times when I truly enjoyed reading this Charlaine Harris series - I even used to enjoy watching the relatively new TV series based on the books. But now...not even sure I'll continue with that one.

Oh well, if you want to check it out, as a die hard fan, here goes.

The True Blood Series

based on the Sookie Stackhouse books

Have You Watched The True Blood Series On TV?

True Blood: Season 1
True Blood: Season 1

If not, here is the first season to catch up to. It's worth it, I really enjoy watching it, and if you like the books, I think you'll love it as well.


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    • HalloweenRecipes profile image


      5 years ago

      I've read, and enjoyed, all of the Sookie Stackhouse books ... in order!

    • Zodiacimmortal profile image


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      Don't forget to include the Sookie book coming out (i think they said) in may.

      and will be the LAST one. I think it is called Dead Ever After

    • designsbyharriet profile image


      6 years ago from Indiana

      I am absolutely addicted to paranormal romance novels and I love Kesley Cole, but Sookie has taken a turn for the worse especially after the TrueBlood series. I'd rather not go there anymore. Blessings.

    • gardendoll426 profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for posting this lens! I read all ten books of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but I totally forgot about book 11! I need to get on that!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Enjoyed seeing some of these topics and finding myself wanting to read them, I'm a fictional kind of guy I suppose.

    • LeopoldBlatt profile image


      7 years ago

      I never had a clue about the order so thank you for this article as I have read several Sookie books but would prefer to read them in the correct order..

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a wonderful book review lens on a fascinating theme! Very nicely and comprehensively covered!

    • KarenTBTEN profile image


      7 years ago

      That's a clever idea. I don't read this particular series, but I can see how it could be useful to put them in context and order. Some series a person develops an attachment to the characters, so even if the main part stands alone, they're not necessarily interchangeable.

    • kislanyk profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Cyprus

      @WriterJanis2: You're right, I haven't thought of it, but indeed it does make a great gift to a bookaholic.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      7 years ago

      This collection would make a great gift.


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