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My Spider-Man Song!

Updated on February 11, 2019
JoleneBelmain profile image

My name is Jolene Belmain, and I love my family, including my fur babies, and cooking.

Spiderman in his crouch preparing to shoot his web.
Spiderman in his crouch preparing to shoot his web. | Source

He's My Hero!

As a young child I can remember watching Spiderman cartoons on television. He was my hero and I was his biggest fan, so when mom heard that he was going to be greeting kids at a local mall, well we just had to go no matter how crowded it might be that day.

I was four years old, and we waited in line for over an hour, but I finally got to meet Spiderman.

This is a song I wrote about my experience as a kid, and it's written in the same context as the original hit theme song and was by far one of the most exciting events of my preschool years.

Photos and poem found on this article are ©Jolene Belmain. Other images as credited.

Spiderman and me. Mom and I had a very long wait to see him.

I was pretty young but meeting Spiderman was one of my greatest thrills.
I was pretty young but meeting Spiderman was one of my greatest thrills.
Spiderman dangling from his web.
Spiderman dangling from his web. | Source

The amazing web spinning superhero first appearance came from the pages of a comic book.

Did you know that the very first time Spider-Man appeared was in August 1962?

This Marvel character would change the face of comics forever, and even today, he is a super huge sensation in the comic book world.

Since his arrival, Spider-Man has been in countless numbers of comics not to mention over a handful of movies, plus his infamous cartoon started in 1967, which has been adapted a few times over the years... But no cartoon will ever surpass the original.

Who was your favorite super hero?

Who was your favorite super hero?

See results

He was my hero from the time that I could walk.

The Spiderman cartoons were on television each weekday and I didn't miss a one. From the time that I could walk he was my favorite superhero and I idolized him.

Before I could even read I was flipping through Spiderman comic books and I think that I really did understand pretty much everything that was happening in them. My superhero could save anyone and fix anything.

I dashed around the house pretending to shoot spider webs from my clenched hands and climb walls as I dashed up the staircase. The masked web slinger was my childhood hero, still is, and probably always will be.

Cosplay spider man figure.
Cosplay spider man figure. | Source

A poem I wrote for my super hero.



you're my hero

and I'm your fan.

You are so cool

your show, it rocks!

To see you once

I'm walking for blocks.


I'm gonna see Spiderman!

Edmonton Mall

here I come

watch out now

here comes the fun.

Look left; look right,

look up; look down.

I will not shout,

I will not frown.


I'm gonna see Spiderman.

I see the line up ahead

right in front of me,

I try to jump up to look

but I'm too short to see.



though I'm only four

I'm by far your biggest fan.

I'm at the front

of the line,

your spider crouch

is lookin fine.


I can finally see Spiderman.

You look at me

arms open wide,

I run up and hug

all in one smooth stride.

They take our pic

my grin ear to ear

I know this moment

will last through the years.

To me meeting him in person

was so completely awesome.


I got to see Spiderman.

©Jolene Belmain

Which Spiderman do you prefer?

Which Spiderman do you prefer?

See results

© 2008 JoleneBelmain


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