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Chivs86 Poetry: Star Child Lost

Updated on September 3, 2014

Chivs86 Poetry -
Star-Child Lost

Now once upon a time there once lived
In a mountain range
or so it was said
that a civilization
were made to give -
birth to a crop of human hybrids.

Birth to a whole different kind of kids -
Earth like but of space bound origins...

...and this is the story that was told
from way back then -
in ancient Mexico.

Of one half ours -
the other half from the stars
the plan was that here
their lives would start
till grown up coming of age
their time to depart
left a whole motherhood
full of broken hearts.

Who couldn't bare to see the day come
of waving to their baby's -
leaving in a space hub
after so much time
they watched em growing up

- hoping this day would never come -

but for one mum
when they come
she made sure that
her 'Star-Child' was gone
because she didn't want to give em up
so she paid the ultimate cost

In this Story of a 'Star-child' lost.
of one mother
who didn't want her son discovered so
knowing it was the day
before they came
she took her 'Star-Child' for a walk to the caves...

and was never saw again
her or her little half alien
well not until
one day...
hundreds of years
into the future
when she appeared..
next to a large skull
that looked very weird

because she couldn't bare
to see the day come
of waving to her baby
leaving in a space hub
so she paid the ultimate cost
and took her own life
sent her soul off to god.

In this story of the 'Star-child' lost.
One day in 1928
A young girl that had found her dead remains -
made the media have a field day,

but what the medium had to say -
put with the nuclear DNA
Have to account for the story of..
One mother -
who loved her little one.

& Couldn't bare to give em up so
buried em underneath the rocks
- washed her pain away with poison -
because she couldn't bare to see em gone

In this story of 'the Star-Child' lost
of one mother -
who didn't want her 'Star-child' lost!

Original idea/ Inspiration.

'Starchild Lost' is one of my first proper storytelling poems. My inspiration came after browsing online about time slips. Information i did come across, but it was also on this brilliant supernatural website and after browsing some of the sites other content that I came across an article about the Starchild Project.

The article basically tells the story about a little girl, who in the 1930s in Mexico, after stumbling upon an old cave in Mexico found human remains containing an oddly shaped skull of what people now believe to be of alien origin.

My poem I wrote about this though, I have based it on the related tribal legend from this area of Alien's interbreeding with humans. A Legend which quite strangely coincides with this odd story and also adds a cool kind of twist of how it all came about.


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    • sweethearts2 profile image

      sweethearts2 5 years ago from Northwest Indiana

      Story very interesting. Writing excellent. Voted up and interesting.

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