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The Appeal of Stephanie Plum

Updated on January 3, 2015

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Take a wild ride with this bounty hunter

Stephanie Plum is the creation of Janet Evanovitch. The first book was written in 1994. Since then America has gone on a wild ride with this female bounty hunter and there currently 18 full length novels and 4 holiday novellas. Why is Stephanie Plumb so popular? I will use my detective skills and list the main reasons you will want to check out all the books in this series.

1.She makes us feel better about ourselves. Stephanie is a bit down on her luck. She worked as a lingerie buyer for a department store, but was let go. She has trouble paying her rent, she can’t keep a car because it is either in threat of being repossessed or it ends up in some kind of accident. Stephanie was married, but he cheated on her and she got rid of him. She has a bit of trouble with her finances, so she is always eager to take a case. The repo man is always one step away from her.

2.Stephanie has traits of the classic novel detectives. I always enjoyed the detective stories of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. To hear the detective’s view of the people and situations. We have that with Stephanie she lives in the town she grew up in Trenton, New Jersey. We hear her descriptions of the town, and we get funny descriptions of the people she encounters. She has a great sense of humor.

3. Stephanie will make you feel like a role model for great eating. Stephanie is a junk food junkie like no other. She will make you feel good about what you eat in your day. Stephanie’s menu goes something like this: If she had no money to buy food her refrigerator might not hold many items, so if they only thing appealing is a beer that would be breakfast. It might also be a donut if there is food around. Stephanie also has a passion for pizza and fried chicken and soda. Stephanie is no Rachael Ray and she probably doesn’t need her stove. She knows where to buy her food at most of the fast food places in town. If it wasn’t for her Mother cooking for her from time to time she might never see vegetables again.

4. She is a bit like Lucy Ricardo. Stephanie has this zany side to her. She tries hard to do her job well, but things never run smoothly for her. Lucy Ricardo had her Ricky to help her out, and Stephanie has not one but two guys to get her out of trouble. One is her childhood friend Joe Morelli. He is a cop and a ladies man. He has a fondness for Stephanie or could it be more? The other man is named Ranger. He is a mysterious guy with an edge to him. Stephanie is attracted to him as well.

5. Her love life. Stephanie has an on again off again relationship with cop Joe Morelli whom she has known since childhood. They are both commitment shy, so you have to wonder if it will be a lasting relationship. Stephanie also has her eye on a guy named Ranger. Ranger is a Latin type, muscular, a man of fear words, and more a man of action. He has a flirtatious relationship with Stephanie. He has a bad boy side of his personality which attracts Stephanie.

6. She has style. In the 1960’s there was a British series called The Avengers. One of the characters was named Emma Peel. She dressed very stylishly and had a leather outfit when fighting the bad guys. Zoom up to present days and you have Stephanie Plum. She can dress up when the occasion arises, but when she is working she is casual. She likes her blue jeans and a leather jacket or spandex shorts with a tee shirt. Stephanie also can’t be without her makeup. It is part of her outfit.

7. Her sidekicks. Stephanie has some support in her crazy, sometimes dangerous work. The first person is a lady named Lula. Lula was a former lady of the evening. Here is how she is described in book number six entitled “Hot Six”, "At five feet five inches, weighing in at a little over two hundred pounds, Lula is something of a doughnut expert. She was in a monochromatic mode this week with hair, skin, and lip gloss all the color of cocoa. The skin color was permanent, but the hair changes weekly." Lula is funny intentionally and non-intentionally. She loves her food and a good looking man. She is daring and sometimes a little too forceful when she occasionally helps Stephanie on her bounty hunter jobs. These two ladies make for a funny pair.

The next person who is close with Stephanie is her best friend Mary Lou. She took the normal life of being a wife and mother. Mary Lou offers Stephanie advice when she is having trouble with her love life.

8. Her family. Stephanie has a zany family, but they help keep her grounded and they are there for her when she needs companionship and a good home cooked meal. First there is her mother Ellen. She is a homemaker and spoils her husband by doing everything for him. Stephanie states in the book Smokin’ Seventeen that "Lunacy seems to have skipped a generation, and my mother is left to bear the burden of decorum in the family. My grandmother and I are the loose cannons." Whenever she gets stressed out her mother irons. My bet is that iron is hardly ever put away.

Stephanie has a sister named Valerie she was always the good daughter. She married when she graduated high school had a few kids and divorced after 12 years. She is now living with Stephanie’s parents. She is a little high strung.

Last, but not least is Grandma Mazur. She is in her 70’s and she is a firecracker. You never know what she will say or who she will bring home. You also never know what kind of trouble she will get into. She is an older version of Stephanie. In the book “Finger Lickin’ 15” Stephanie states, “Gravity hadn't been kind to Grandma Mazur, but she made up for her lack of collagen with attitude and bright pink lipstick.”

The Stephanie Plum books have loveable characters, and the number one loveable character is Stephanie herself. She loves the place she grew up in, Trenton, because it is a part of her. The city has people that have a history with each other, and the neighborhoods are quaint. The reader will want to ride along with Stephanie on her many adventures. In these books there are dangerous situations, but they are framed with humor, and you know that somehow Stephanie will be okay by the end of her story. If you feel like a laugh or a little mystery, or both spend some time in New Jersey with these unforgettable characters.



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    • cfjots profile image

      cfjots 5 years ago from Conway, SC

      Hi Alecia I love this series too. It is so funny and the characters are loveable. I need to get caught up in the series I am about 3 books behind. I am anxious too to see who Stephanie will pick. Ranger is so mysterious I think Morelli is someone more like her. Thank you for voting me up an sharing the article I appreciate it very much.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I love this series so much. My favorite characters are Grandma and Morelli. I'm wary of Ranger simply because he's never fully honest about himself. I can't wait to hear win the next book is out and if she finally picks between Morelli and Ranger- great hub and I agree with all of your reasons. Voted up and shared!

    • cfjots profile image

      cfjots 5 years ago from Conway, SC

      Hi Jean thank you for your comments. I have read almost all her books. I need to catch up on the last three. Maybe Janet will give Stephanie a little more depth. I have enjoyed all the books and the crazy characters too. It is neat that you are from New Jersey and have an insider view of the books locations. Janet has done well and created some memorable characters.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

      I finally took the plunge and read all the Stephanie Plum novels about a year ago. They are great fun! I am from NJ, but the part near Stephanie is very urban, much of NJ is wooded and there is much more greenery than people would have you believe. I love Ranger, Grandma Mazur and her obsession with funerals, and Lula. The only thing, I would like to see Stephanie's character keep her zany side, but she is resourceful and smart, and I wish the author would let her grow a little more in her role. Great review though.