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Stoke words and sayings

Updated on July 8, 2018

We're Stoke City


Ay up duck!

Stoke on Trent is itself a federation of the six towns of Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Tunstall, Longton and Fenton. It came into being on the 31st March 1910 with Stoke being the seat of power even though Hanley was better established. To this day, Hanley is still the commercial centre of the city.

Stoke is famed for its porcelain and is of course known as "The Potteries" with the industry dating back to the seventeenth century. Josiah Wedgwood set up business in 1759 but the area was already supplying large quantities of earthenware. Wedgwood built one of Great Britains first large factory in 1769 in his hometown of Etruria which is just outside Burslem.

So now you known a bit of the history, what about that accent and dialect?

Stoke City

The basics

What they say in Stoke
What it means
Ay up
Hello/watch out/move
Ah do
Ow at?
How are you?
Are you alright?
Me 'owd
My friend
Me 'owd mucca
Someone you just met
Mar mate
My mate
Mar lady

Duck | Buzz | Skinny

Everyone in the Potteries is a duck. Not the cunards of Longton Park, it's a term of endearment. Instead of saying "luv", in Stoke we say "duck".

The "buzz" is the mode of transport commonly known as the bus. It can be quite funny when you here this for the first time!

"Skinny" shouldn't be taken offensively if you are a little overweight! It is actually somebody who is tight with money or being a bit mean with their spending.

Oatcake with bacon



Oatcakes are a religion in the Potteries, not just and oatcakes, proper oatcakes, fresh that day from the factory. You can buy them in any store, off licence and petrol station and they are the staple diet for Stokies. They can be eaten for any meal too, breakfast, lunch or dinner and are by tradition served with bacon, melted cheese and tinned tomato. It is usual to melt the cheese under the grill on the plate and serve red hot with the bacon and tomatoes. For a light snack you can have oatcakes with just cheese, even popped in the microwave for a minute.

It is thought that the oatcake may have its origin in India. They are soft, similar to crepes/pancakes and baked on a stone griddle. Recipes are closely guarded family secrets and sales can sometimes be rationed at times of high demand!

'as they 'ad ewtcakes?

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Some useful phrases

Dust want a pient?
Do you want a pint?
What dust want?
What do you want?
Whay're at gooin?
Where are you going?
Up again
Ast thee got thee oatcakes?
Have you got any oatcakes?
Cost kick a bow?
Can you kick a ball?
Way anner?
We haven't
Way've got 'em
We have

Stoke is also the home of Wedgewood, Spode and the like and was once the leading producer of ceramics in the whole world. Whilst the potteries industry has all but disappeared in recent years there is plenty of evidence as to it existence and its importance to the local economy for many years.

Advanced Stokie

Up again
Give over
Pack it in/stop
Lossocking about
Doing nothing, lazing around
Spoiled brat, crying like a baby
Oss mock
Horse manure
Me, myself
Upset, snub
Bother, annoy


Lobby is a legendary Stoke meal. Basically it is a beef stew or casserole that typically contains carrots, swede, onion and potatoes. Ususally on the menu at least once a week when I were growin' up, it is usually served with sliced white bread, cut in half, no butter and not into triangles. People also have it with crusty bread and butter.

Certain areas of the UK refer to this dish as scouse or lob-scouse.

Where's me snappin'?

Snapping is food, usually the packed lunch a bloke takes to work, prepared by his wife. Do you still take snappin' to work?

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Stoke on Trent is a highly accessible part of the UK by road. Located just off Junction 15 of the M6 motorway, it is almost in the centre of the country. Once you get in, congestion can be a bit of a problem, especially during rush hour traffic. Get the buzz if you dare!

City Fantastic

Bither roast?

Anyone heard this saying? Buy the roast or spy the roast. My Grandad used to say it when he was getting exasperated (usually with my mum) but I am not sure of its origins or meaning.

Ast they bin t' Stewk?

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