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Strings of Words

Updated on April 7, 2016
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Anna is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. She is currently on her review for the October 2016 CPA board exam.

Le Douze

le douze

It was a wish from within,
That He granted not on a whim.
It was like any other mornings,
That ended like any other evenings.
I never saw it coming.
I was so close to not wanting.

Now that it is here,
There are too many fears.
Uncertainties cloud the view.
It is old but it is something new.
It feels bad on a good day.
It feels so good on a bad day.

Is anything like this the real thing?
Or a figment of my wishful thinking?
My head is up in the cloud,
But my heart is stuck to the ground.
You push; I will pull.
You still push and I still pull.

I yearn for it and you give.
You yearn for it; I want to leave.
How much more can you give,
If you knew I only receive.
How much more can you accept,
Will you regret you and I met?

I don’t know the depth of what you feel,
Or of how much of what you say is real.
But one clear thing I want you to see
Is what I have shown you was the real me.
The smiles and the laughs, all me.
And that negative side of me.

Afraid once it beats, it won’t stop.
Scared I’d give everything ‘til my day’s up,
That is why I want to take and take and take.
I want to fill you up with need and l’d still take.
Can you promise me there will be no hate?
Because if that day comes it is all worth the wait.

Because if that day comes it is all worth the wait...

It is not life’s to bestow.
Nobody can reap it and sow.
They say change is the only sure thing,
Even that promise in that aisle with that ring.
I want to believe in those happy ever after
And have someone with me to have that kind of forever.

I am a paradox of my paradox,
But I am a girl with that kind of orthodox.
I’ve four promises to Him to keep,
So please hold tight, do not lose your grip.
But I won’t blame you if you do,
I won’t stop you if you don’t want to.

If this would end on that note,
I wish you’d see through what I wrote,
That I cherished every bit of it,
And the memories that came of this gift.
Je vous remercie beaucoup petit garçon.
I won’t forget about the sea from that lovely song.

© 2016 Anna


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