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Blah, Blah, Blah

Updated on May 17, 2012

wrote this when I was really bored and I'm having trouble giving it a title

Sitting at home

Letting my mind roam.

Instrumentals on youtube via Google chrome

hello world I'm Irell

freestyling cuz I'm bored as hell

thoughts goin round and round like I'm on a carrousel.

Bored and bothered is my facebook post

it goes almost, unseen like a ghost

oh well, I don't like to boast.

People be like "cool story bro, tell it again"

So cocky with their head big ben

All pretend

Like a boy among men,

Talkin bout swag but you have no idea

you keep talkin shit like you got diarhhea

Listen here...

Young man you don't know who you are

You think life's all about hoes, money, and a fast car??

but NO.

The rap game is all a show.

Gotta work your ass off if you want that much dough

So whaddya know

I flow, or at least I try.

Droppin line after line

This guy, he rhyme

like he got no time.

Fuck grammar

I go hammer

soulja boy tell em like bammer bammer bammer

Now count down from 10 to one

9 8 7 6 5 blah blah blah I'm done

But wait.. no I'm not.

had you fooled like, that was all i got.

Dreams shot, ideas hot

I'm lit but I don't smoke pot.

No drugs

love bugs

just hugs and shrugs.

Like I just don't give a fuck.

Got my scuba gear on swimmin in the muck.

Shots flyin by missin me by luck

I'm divin, I'm dodgin, and I duck.


I'm still going.

Just flowing, mowing, no idea where I'm going.

I'm throwing.

Words down while my face has a frown

skin brown, ears picking up sound.

This and that

ratta-tat-tat kit kat, hit em with a bat.

red stain on the carpet covered with a mat.

Dont know what to say, so I say BLAH

Hoo-RAH marine strong

like a li-on's paw

as it hits him in the jaw

dead in the savanNAH

hyenas givin your bones a gnaw

Meet raw, I'm raw

thats me.

I. V. Lee, (number 2)

thats who I be

Now you see.

this must be the end of this story


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    • Irell VL profile image

      Irell VL 5 years ago

      thanks alot, blah blah blah was one I was considering so thanks I'll have to use it now.

    • profile image

      rcfields 5 years ago from Muncie, Indiana

      This is a great rhyme/rap. A suggestion about the title might be "The Rap Game" or "Blah, Blah, Blah...Hoo-rah." If you don't like those titles maybe it will help you think of another one that is better. Good luck on the title and keep rhyming/rapping!