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t-minus nine seconds the bombs will start falling...

Updated on January 8, 2010

The Etamu and the alliance:the master plan.

On the dark-side of the moon,a satellite city camouflaged under a cloak of invisibility.The grand mayda takes the stage."I would like to make announcement my bloodline,an announcement today that will set us on course to reclaiming our home world from the evil ones!Today we gather here today to celebrate an alliance,an alliance with our fellow brothers,the Reptilians,and the Martians."Dayka the leader of the reptilians stands and waves to the crowd,Junma the leader of the martians stands and bows to the crowd.Grand Mayda continues Our time in space has dealt us a severe blow,the lack of contact with our natural planet has caused our women to produce nothing but men and because of that our race face extinction!Our population is getting smaller and our women have died off.But we have found a way to save our race.Over the years it has been discovered that the humans d.n.a is compatible with ours.for the last forty years we have been sowing our seed with the women of earth.We now have hybrids scattered across the globe,in every country!The hybrids blend in with the human population virtually undetected.The hybrids have gained positions of power in the humans society,setting course for us to finally take over and reclaim our planet.The time is near my bloodline!Soon,very soon,we will breathe the air of our home-world once again!"The grand Mayda steps back giving the cue for Dayka to began his speech."Thank you,Oh great one. this is a great day indeed,We reptilians have made huge mistakes in the past,we have burnt out our planet and destroyed our home-world!But we have learned from our mistakes,as we speak our home-world is on its way.Thanks to you,the ETAMU,and the Martians,our home-world will force the earth back into its original orbit,and pull mars and the moon back into their rightful trajectory,once again bringing life back to the two dead celestial bodies!we too have been reproducing with the earth's women,we have found that their d.n.a when combined with ours eliminates the ascension that our ancestors all faced.only a few centuries ago we(the reptilians)would grow into what the humans would call celestial dragons,we would lose our intelligence and would be cursed to live for centuries as mindless beast!That day is over.Our d.n.a combined with the humans not only stops the evolution that my race has faced since the beginning of time,it will also extend our life force for centuries!yes my brothers we band together this day for survival!We join forces today,stand together for the future of both our worlds!"Dayka waving to the crowds as Junma approaches "Good day to you all,we have been setting in place a very powerful weapon that will neutralize all the men on the planet earth leaving nothing but the women behind!Two more earth cycles and we will be ready to finally carry out this mission that has been in motion for fifty years,two more cycles it will finally be over!We have installed the inserome in every satellite that the humans have placed in orbit.the inserome once activated will cause all men with dominate personalities to simply unravel from the molecular level causing them to return to source energy!This will cause the remaining population to claim rapture,when we arrive there will be no resistance,they will simply bow down!The women on the planet will be equally split amongst the ETAMU,the REPTILLIANS,and us, the MARTIANS,you see we don't have any real reason are need of the humans,we just love Women!we travel the space ways in search of the most beautiful women in the universe to add to our harem worlds.We're Martians after all and we really REALLY,love women!!!"


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      bunch of good lookin women on here

    • bill yon profile imageAUTHOR

      bill yon 

      9 years ago from sourcewall

      I have only received two clicks and no one has purchased anything yet.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i see lots of you get any good clicks on those items?


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