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Poem: Taking A Life

Updated on January 9, 2014

by Grace Peterson

Written and posted on an old blog five years ago. Recently revised.

One by one
you hear about him or her
another gone
another selfish act of
taking a life

On the anniversary of her death,
a good friend who has gone,
one who couldn't handle the
stress and pressures
of life,
another takes his life.

One by one.
I hear the rumors,
I take in the false accusations,
the "I want to dies"
and "I can't live without
this person or that person."

Do they know what they're saying?
Would they actually go through with
taking their own life?
Who's telling the truth?
Who would actually do

I wonder if they can see,
if they can touch,
if they can hear,
if they can feel
the silent tears their friends and family's
hearts crying out

If they know the taste
of regret
of betrayel
of hatred

If they can live with that
the heavy heart
the unshed tears

Could you die,
could you take your own life,
knowing how and what
all of them
would go through,
would feel?

© 2013 Grace Peterson


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