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The Annoying Angel - a Short Story

Updated on July 6, 2020
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Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.

Hector Falcon
Hector Falcon | Source

“It’s your fault we’re in this mess.”

“Why is it just my fault? You're the one who suggested I answer the email in the first place.”

“It’s your fault for listening to me. Once I clicked yes to the question,”Do you need a Guardian angel? well,,,”

“Wait, arguing over whose fault it is won't get us anywhere. We have to come up with a some way to get the Angel to go away. Speaking of which, have we had any other emails or texts from that annoying angel yet today”

“No nothing.” Eva got up and went over to the mirror. Her face looked a mess. She had bags under her eyes, her black hair hung limply down the side of her face and she needed some sleep. “Sara, what are we going to do? Every time we turn around the angel is there. Telling us what to do, “Don’t drink the coffee because it is too hot.”, “Wait, don't cross the street. The light is still red.”, “You can't pick up that guy in the bar, he's not right for you.", "You're not wearing the right makeup."

“Eva, it’s like having an annoying big brother."

"Yeah, but a really sweet, handsome, smiling big brother.”

“Not funny Sara. Hey, maybe if we delete the emails.”

“Eva you’re too tense. Why don’t we get out of here and find something to eat. Maybe it will help you relax.”

“You sure it is safe?”

“No, but we can’t hide in here forever.”

They walked down the two flights of metal steps to the first floor. There leaning against a pillar in the center of the room was a man. His short cropped blond hair hung over a handsome, smiling face. A smile which could melt butter. He reminded Eva of the Marvel guy Thor.

Sara stepped forward. “What do you need?”

“Me, what is it I desire? After all you’re the ones who requested my services.”

“Yeah, but do you have to...Eva stopped.”And do you have to smile all the time?”

“I am an angel. I do not experience a down day. Why would I? I serve the Lord..”

“Oh never mind, “chided Sara. “We're going out for something to eat. Are you going to tag along?”

“Of course. I am your guardian angel.”

The three exited the building and turned left on 5th Avenue. They crossed Grant St. where the angel made them look both ways before crossing. He also chided them for using their cell phones while walking. Sara noticed the Angel greeted everyone whom he came into contact with a smile, ‘a good day”and a “God be with you.” Sara and Eva walked two steps ahead of the Angel as they tried to keep their distance from him but he caught up with them each time.

“Angel,” said Sara. “What can we call you?”

“I received a name.” The Angel replied. It is #@##$&##”

“What kind of name is that?” Sara asked. “

“I was named by God…”

“No offense to God but here on Earth you need a more normal name.” Sara replied. “How about George?”

The angel shrugged his shoulders. “I guess it is okay. I prefer Pele.”

“Sorry to inform you, you don’t look like a Pele.” said Eva.

“How should a Pele look?”

“More like he is from a Latin American country.” Chimed in Sara.

They looked over. The Angel had changed his features. He no longer looked like Thor but more like George Lopez. Ironic, he didn't like the name George but he changed to look like a George, Their gaze fixed on the angel, Eva and Sara stepped off the curb into oncoming traffic. The angel lifted his arm and time seemed to standstill. The traffic stopped and the two girls were ushered across the street to the other side. When they’d reached safety the traffic resumed its movement. They looked over. The Angel smiled at them. Well not George but Pele as he preferred. The name thing was really going to be another problem they had to deal with.

“I’ve instructed you before to watch where you’re going. You almost got hit by the bus. Had I not…”

Eva stood there looking at the traffic then back at the Angel. “How did you do that? You stopped the traffic..

“No joke didn’t stop the traffic. I merely moved us faster to get out of the way. I have no control over time. That is in the hands of the creator.”

All God's angels come to us disguised.

— James Russell Lowell

“Okay, okay,” chided Sara. “Next time warn us.”

“I did not have time to warn you. If I had not acted you’d be dead.”

“We get the picture,” Said Eva.

“Picture...I do not understand.”

“The idea.” responded Sara.

They continued up the street until they came to The Diner, The Angel looked at the building.

“As you are fond of saying. I will be around.”

Eva looked at the Angel. “Wait you’re not coming in?”


“Yes!” mumbled Sara.

“What,” said the Angel tasing one eyebrow.

“Nothing,” said Sara and Eva together. “By the way how long are you to be our guardian angel.”

“Until God says otherwise.”

“Crap,” they said.”

© 2020 Timothy Whitt


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