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the beginning of the end

Updated on February 7, 2012

you will only know me through my words, nada mas


it is not supposed

to hurt this much

thoughtless, careless

lack of touch

seeing you today

that look in your eye

i felt a certain hate in my heart

it is you i despise

i wish you would go away


return never

i hope you fall in love one day

fall deep, fall hard

then i hope you get burned

then finally you will understand

the tables have turned

no one comprehends

your sly way of life

no entiendes

though i would like to say

i wish you the best

but i do not like to lie

for i'd be hurting the rest

those poor, innocent souls

you steal with such ease

lies, pain, & heartache

your middle name is deceit

so hear this now

and never ever forget

fool me once

i will cry

two times

for you

never ever




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