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The Birthday Bird and Dr. Seuss Bring a Great Happy Birthday To You!

Updated on May 20, 2015

The first thing to shared at this point is that I have always thought the title of this book was "The Birthday Bird". This is because he is the first character and the one that the kids look forward to seeing. That explains why I had trouble pegging this book for a reviewed. The cover has not changed. It is the only reason I caught this one and was able to share some thoughts with you.

Oh to live in Katroo. The place where they know how to say Happy Birthday to you. Yes this is paraphrasing the first two lines of the book. But knowing what they go through each year on your birthday is worth it. Spoiled comes to mind. But in the good news it is only for one day. Having this to look forward to explains whey the young man in this book is peaking out of one eye as the Birthday Bird approaches.

The things that you can get from a birthday such as this. The flowers alone would make my wife stand in line. The different animals that are there for you to have join you family. I admit one of them has always caught my attention. And believe it or not it is the Bird but the fish. The Time-Telling Fish. Oh I can only wish. Sorry I slip into Seuss at the drop of the hat. Of course the Singing Herrings do place a close second. But I would need to have four of those so they could sing in four part harmony. How far away is my Birthday?

The food oh the food how can I pass that by. The one nice thing that's focused on is the food. There are three square means. Alright so the food that's given you get to choose what you eat. But healthy it is right down to the meat. From breakfast to lunch to diner they go each is delicious I am telling you so. Again the Seuss in me has taken over. Final note on the cake. I am hoping its not chocolate cake. Personal choice there.

And finally the ending. For some birthdays you wish that they never end but end they must. With this one you get room service. Not the delivery of food but the delivery of you. Tucked into bed for a good evenings rest. Dreaming of this day that for you was the best.

The last page brings out something that I had not caught before. It fees as if Dr. Seuss is reading this book to me with these last three lines that I am now sharing with you. Yes now I am quoting the lines from the book that I am sharing with you.

And I wish

I could do

All these great things for you!

Thank you Dr. Seuss aka Theodor Seuss Geisel

Just in case you want to hear the story from above.

There is the common way to sing happy birthday. But a little variety is always nice.

The Beatles - Birthday Song

Penguins - Happy Birthday Song

Sesame Street - Happy Birthday to U

Three Candles
Three Candles

I like music thus the songs above. My question is which is your favorite?

See results

The Birthday Bird is unique and so are these gifts that I have found for you to share.

The question of the hour is ... Have you ever planed something special for someones birthday? If so please share it with us.

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