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The Burning Heart

Updated on September 19, 2014

The Heart Is Burning

The book "The Burning Heart" features an interesting collection of ideas. Written toward the spiritual mind, as if the cover didn't indicate it, it doesn't read like a bunch of sermons. Some of the pieces have a natural -everyday air about them. Life it seems is an all consuming mystery - You feel it, You live it. It changes you. This is why I decided to devote a lens to its author.

Having read a couple of pieces of this in other venues; and having the opportunity to hear some of these works expressed. I think This is an emerging voice in the world of artful words.

That is if he, like so many of his contemporaries, could overcome his inner demons. Perhaps even find a peace, before his voice is silenced too soon.

people make mistakes
people make mistakes

My Heart Burns for You

In an emotional sense of the pain you feel when watching a friend slipping away, my heart ached when seeing this author. It seems sometimes you think you know a person; even in the internet age, and then you read:

Local Author Arrested

And that's just what you hear of, what if there's more?

Nevertheless, with words there is a gift to possess, and this collection has it. Even if you challenge the religion or even religion itself dissuades you; some of these pieces are just shaking.

Emotional to the point of saying, damn what must i do to be free?

Or maybe I too should leave the Xanax...

In the words of famous,


Empassioned Reading

the art of love is taking the hand of someone you don't know

yet are connected to on so many levels

you agree to walk together to eternity



Looking back at yesterday

The promise -

of a brighter life

Dimmed by the damage I've done today.



It used to be easy

to say I'm sorry;

To right any wrong

and the world would seem fine again

After all,

Who could resist those lying eyes?

Eyes which now harbor deceit

Hiding in tears once seen as remorse

Now they seek to ease the burden of he -



How did I get caught this way?

Did I allow temptation to catch me

Do I really bear witness that all is said is true

I can't lie

It seems possible

The promise now truly greatly deferred



I was born afraid

Of my youthful arrogance

Of illicit tendencies

From what I hear there are many things that I should fear

None of which is life.

I should live,




I, who have been blessed with this gift.

So many call it life

I call it experience.

With youthful exuberance I pursue each passion



Unaware, that many of these would cost my latter years.

It seems this they should have told me first

Or perhaps they did

Perhaps in my arrogance I wouldn't listen

I couldn't hear them

Older and wiser

The vanity of youth long since dissipated

What I would see

If I proved to be beyond my younger years

The view always changes.

Thank God for allowing me the vision to produce in my life

The strength to follow the vision

And the courage to build the vision before others

~ R. Toney

sepia sadness
sepia sadness

The Wailer

There is a crier inside

Tears flooding the veins that map the man

Washing away the dirt of arrogance

The trash of deceit

The trail of failed dreams of righteousness

In his wake is a river of pain

As the lips quiver

Forgive me Lord I have sinned

The heart no longer able to contain the truth

No longer able to well the hurt

The man has chosen his lusts again

Ignoring the light within

He has chosen to wallow in darkness

Chilling the fire inside

Causing the crier to speak

Forgive us Lord we have sinned

A powerful confession

A more able cleanser than his tears alone

The break allowing the fire a breath of air

Calming the crier

Enlarging the man

Providing hope sin will soon fall away

Available at Amazon
Available at Amazon

The Burning Heart

Sin not my heart,

Resist the temptations of the deceitful one

Stand strong for you are holy for the presence of God

Let no one enter who is not of the Father

And woe unto him that seek to inhabit his place on the throne

For the gates you see shall be thy destruction

Though merciful with compassion

Honor and justice do rule the day

All who enter know this applies to you

My heart shall judge the measure of your hand

And that which is wanton is headed for doom

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