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The Children Suffer Again and Again

Updated on December 3, 2015

Every day,keeps happening.

A shocking example,
war not peace
Child face down
in the sand
This is no sign
of peace.
Assad gets off
scot free,no crime
Seems to be immune
to the death
,when's his time
When will this man
ever be tried
at the end of a gun,
electric chair,fried
Child dies,I lose a breath.
he cares about nothing,
another pointless death
Kills with impunity,
kills for fun
Jumped up tyrant,
should see the end of a gun.

Questions need to be asked!

Why is this still happening?

Why is Assad still committing these atrocities?

Why are Syrian people being denied a voice?

Why is Assad still breathing?

When is it worth £$€ going in?

What will be the final cost,Human Lives?

This is the reality!

Eye straining.

Every day I see the tragedy unfolding in Syria. Every day I get more angry ,and disgusted at the way this lunatic is allowed to continue to operate with impunity.We all see the terrible reports on the news every day,but still he gets away with it. When is it right to take action,well this is the 64,000 dollar question.The guy and his supporters are very well funded and trained. But isn't it true,the rest of the worlds countries who give a damn,are better trained and more wealthy. What's the delay in taking action. God forbid it's not down to resources and other inconsequential things like that,at least I hope not. It can't be allowed to be another Iraq if military action is taken,because if all politicians involved at the time were truthful ,they would admit Iraq was a target for oil resources and nothing as noble as helping out the countries suffering citizens. But ,in life there are very few honest politicians. In all reality,you would have better chances of finding a wild unicorn,than a politician being truthful.Thats the world we live in,where money and power shout louder than humanity and peace.

All in a day's work.

Is his time running out?

Bang bang,another one dead

does anyone care,his ego is fed.

kill a thousand,kill even more

when are we stopping the horror and gore?

when is there justice,a normal life

Syrian's deserve this,a chance at a life.

is money the crux,is it suspicion or fact ?

are our leaders too gutless,emotions are cracked.

Thousands die, each time he gives a command

his life,regime ,should all be banned.

Aftermath,what's left?

After Assad is taken out and tried for his crimes,what's left for the Syrian people. After all the fighting is finished,what's going to be our Legacy for Syria? Surely we can't leave it like we did with Iraq,if you listen to reports,is in a worse state in some areas before Saddam lost his grip. We can't leave the country with no infrastructure like a fair proportion of Iraq was left with. We need to put things in place to try to start the safe way of life for the Syrian people to relive. Access to healthcare,decent schools,and most important,a force recruited in the country for the country,so this civil war can have no chance to rear its ugly head again. They need help ,more important on the ground with feet rather than guns. They need their own money ,from their own resources ,to be put to good use.Not to be used and abused by parties or people who don't have the Syrian people's best interests at heart.

Country in crisis.

peace Life Gun Free. Help hospitals


FREEDOM. Freedom of speech.

Time Is Now!!

Not much to ask

do we accept the task?

help the Syrian's who suffer

Assad is an animal,

we need to be tougher.

beat him at his own game

torture him ,like he dishes out

let him know we mean business

leave him in no doubt.

crush his tyranny

try him for his sins

killing him is a cop out

on trial,Syria wins.

Tick tick tick tick.

What's to be done?

Where does the solution come from?

See results

Conclusion, one year from now?

What will Syria be like in a year?

Will Assad be dead or in prison?

Will his sympathisers be in prison?

Will Syrian residents be able to walk their streets without fear?

Will children not be dying daily?

Will Syria look like every other country with peace?


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