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The Tripods Book II: The City of Gold and Lead

Updated on July 16, 2013
CuAllaidh profile image

Jeff Johnston is a medieval reenactor and avid history fan. He is also the publisher at Living History Publications.

The Tripods Book II

We return to the distant future where tripods rule. Will, Beanpole, and Henry have made it to the White Mountains, home to the last stronghold of freemen but their adventures are far from over.

Having a taste of freedom now they know they cannot just sit idly by and allow the Tripods to continue to rule over mankind a rebellion must begin. Before open warfare can even be considered though they must gather intelligence, after all they know nothing of the Tripods.

Join Will, and a new friend Fritz as they enter the city of the tripods and find out more than they care to know about the might of the alien beings.

A fine followup to The White Mountains

The Tripods and Me

In my review of the first book I mentioned my rediscovery of these wonderful books. I thought I would continue the story here.

I was elated to find the books I loved so as a child that I had hunted for all these years, but now came the important question: Do I read them again? This may seem like a silly question to ask oneself of a book much loved from childhood, especially to an avid reader such as myself, but it is a legitimate question. The problem is memories fade, and the brain has a wonderful way of "altering" memories slightly, sure I remembered the books as wonderful masterpieces, but I was a child with little experience in these matters, could they really be as good as I remembered them?

You see I had pondered this quandary in the past over things from my childhood fondly remembered, but when I as an adult face them again they are pallid and dull compared to my memory of them. Did I want to tarnish my memory of the Tripods by daring to open the first book and read it. Well, I am sure you have guessed that I did dare, and I am glad I did so, for though they are written in a more juvenile manner than I recalled them, they are indeed wonderfully amusing reads.

Memories of a better time - Poll

Have you ever remembered a TV show, toy, game, book, movie, etc from you childhood, gone back and experienced it as an adult and found yourself disappointed?

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The Book

The City of Gold and Lead, being the sequel to The White Mountains, continues the adventures of Will, Beanpole, and Henry, and even add a new compadre to the tale with stoic Fritz. Continuing my oath not to include any spoilers I will not go into details of their adventures anymore than I already have.

The narration of City of Gold and Led is as juvenile as The White Mountains, but again it fits with the POV still focused on young Will. The storyline is smooth and I saw no obvious gaps. Once again John Christopher manages to pull the reader into the book and make you forget that this is fiction, Will is written with such honesty you can't help but but suspend your disbelief. The greatest writers make you forget you are safe reading your book and pull you into the world they write, John Christopher seems to have mastered this art form.

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    • CuAllaidh profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeff Johnston 

      7 years ago from Alberta Canada

      @CruiseReady: Thank you. I have really enjoyed rediscovering them. The review of the next book should be ready later this week (still in the process of reading it)

    • CruiseReady profile image


      7 years ago from East Central Florida

      You really do make it sound like these are books to read! Well done.


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