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The Best Book I Have Ever Read

Updated on January 17, 2017

What's your most favorite book?

Have you ever read a book that made tears to trickle down your face? Books are a wonderful source of entertainment. For many people a book is a friend. Most folks have favorite books and authors who practically changed their perspective and thinking. Well, I'm a good reader -not boasting, I enjoy reading as a sport. I've read fiction books such as romance -M&B,folk-tales,adventure stories, satires, classical books and non-fiction but the book that really got my attention is a christian classic book. An adventure book that delves into the christian journey full of loneliness, at times dangerous but leads to 'treasures in heaven.'

My favorite book was written by John Bunyan in the 1600s when he was jailed for preaching without getting a license. He was a non-conformist protestant. The 'Pilgrim's Progress' is the most popular allegory of time and the best selling of all. It comes with explanatory notes and glossary which is helpful for the modern reader.

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The best book I have EVER read

From all the nice books I’ve ever read in my life, there’s one that is extremely special to me and it changed my perspective. Nicely written and well worth a read.

There is a lot of connections that could be made from the book to the real world, and it's undoubtedly a book packed with rich dialogues.

It's a very familiar classic allegory book. I started reading this book last year. I have only read the first part of this book, the fun is already there. It's my favorite book other than the Bible for it's the simplest book. Among all the classic books I have read, i'm really astonished with the way it puts Bibilical teaching in a} very striking allegory. If a book may be a candle, John Bunyan's greatest candle 'The Pilgrim's Progress' is one amongst the simplest classic allegory of the christian life. This book has survived three centuries and its light has ne'er gone dim.

His inspiration and ideas for this book was derived from the sermon he created on the 'Heavenly manservant.'

I have honestly taken this book to heart and used the teachings it taught me in my Christian journey. Overall - this book taught me about faithfulness to GOD. It taught me the dangers and difficulties that beset a Christian, the challenges they encounter on the narrow way and the way the heart is used to love and persevere but once you lose your salvation, you lose everything as well as your eternal life. It taught me how the strong will survive in this world, how to free and flee from the wrong way. This book had me on the edge of my seat curious what would happen next.

I think that something you read, or hear, can forever have a deeper impact in you

The Pilgrim's Progress' portrays a christian who flees the city of destruction for a much better city leaving his wife and children behind. The town Christian seek is not an actual one. It means he is fleeing from a state of mind or course of life that he is aware of to be wrong. so john bunyan brightly pictured the true nature of the christian life - one of exciting journey beset with dangers and difficulties.

However, there's one common criticism of the 'The Pligrim's Progress'. The critics claim that the book sets forth a self-centred faith.

He vividly portrays key features of christian experience carefully using characters such as man. Wordly Wiseman, Faith, Talkative, and Pliable. in a way this brings encouragement, warning and correction to each believer.The texts are clear and readable whilst retaining the first language of John Bunyan's day. It's mostly complied from the scriptures. If I were you, I won't wait that long to read it.

Next to the Holy Bible I value this book very highly.

Please note that the simplest book is the "HOLY BIBLE" I don't think there's any book that would ever be well worth the word best except the "Bible". Some folks find it boring however if you simply read it and try to pray to understand it you will surely say that it worthwhile. You'll gain not just physical world information however most of it's the spiritual knowledge.

Would you prefer to read a book or watch a movie on the book you read?

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