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The Future of Man on Earth.

Updated on January 5, 2019

The future of man on earth is often viewed as a topic for idle speculation. This topic is too big and too diverse to be addressed as a whole in a single essay, monograph or even 100-volume book series. Still it is possible to predict it by analyzing some important factors objectively. The future of man on earth can be as prosper as heaven and it can be a hell fueled by men. Both of the possibilities entirely depend upon the actions of men.

Most of the diseases will be eradicated in the future. Disease is a serious enemy of us from the birth of mankind. In history, it was a supernatural activity to cure a disease. At last in 20th century we discovered how to fight back at disease. Presently, most of the known diseases can be treated effectively. In the near future we will be able to reproduce new generations which will be genetically resistant to diseases. To make this dream come true billions of dollars are invested in research and experimentation. Certainly, these efforts will be fruitful and we will be able to get rid of nearly all diseases.

In future everyone will have equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race and nationality. Man will be measured by the content of his heart not by the size of his shoe. Every single person will be able to pursue his dreams. No one will feel isolated in the world. Internet has connected the entire globe. Everyone will be able to raise voice for his/her rights. Until 21st century, most of the women chose to spend their whole life in home services. Now things are starting to change. About half of the population of world is going to work for the betterment of humanity. Obviously, the future will be better than present.

It is evident from history that climate change is one of the greatest dangers to human beings on this planet. The hurricanes in America, the earthquake in Nepal, the land-sliding in China, the deadliest summer in Europe, the increase in sea level and global warming are the consequences of climate change. The sea level is rising gradually. We will lose our beaches by the end of this century. The conference of Paris in December 2015 is a great effort to control climate change. Fuel combusting cars will be a part of history soon, and all the vehicles and aircrafts will operate on electricity. Renewable energy sources are used to get green energy for our livelihood and businesses. We will control the climate changes by 2050. Still we will face natural disasters in future, but at least we will not the spectators of our own destruction.

Although, I am an optimist but the truth is that man will face many big problems in future. Problems of such calibre that can extinct the entire human race. Some of the problems will be the consequences of human stupidity. Other problems are totally natural and cosmic. The greatest man made problem for humanity is the race for nuclear weapons. By the end of 20th century nuclear weapons become a home handicraft industry. Currently nuclear weapons we have can destroy the whole world several times. If nuclear weapons are hand over to unsafe hands, then it will ruin us in no time. One of the greatest dangers from outer space is the probability of collision of an asteroid against earth. Asteroid is a rock of a few kilometers moving with such high speed that it can extinct humanity. On international level, ballistic missiles are ready to avoid such collisions. Natural events like typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanoes will often take place. Someway we will make us able to save ourselves from them.

Future will be built on the actions of man. We can destroy our pale blue dot (earth) with our superstitions, greed and stupidity. On the other hand, if we use our intelligence, compassion and curiosity for our welfare. Then we will shower happiness, comforts and prosperity all over the globe. We are capable to rule on this planet and can reach to the sky to make shelters on other planets. Hopefully, the generations after us will live in a better world if we save us from ourselves.


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