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The Hidden Truth Beneath

Updated on March 12, 2015

People have wide eyes open
but nothing to see
hidden truth everywhere
like each grain of and at sea
you never know any even when you plea
individuality there is no more we
family betrayal
that explains some rotten branches on a family tree
hate speeches we live in a world
full of word war spree

The needy stay needing
the rich continue greediness
the voiceless continue pleading
the voice owning individuals
keep heading
poverty spreading
on useless things they keep spending
they find amusement making it trending
yet no effort on making it an ending

we cast votes
they campaign with great quotes
they give us promising plots
all we see is a wolf in a skin of a goat
they are not what we thought
hidden in big mansions moving around with escorts
not available anymore us they forgot

they petition for salary raise
we join them behind in praise
they get what they want we wait for days
no work done they go different ways
well guess they created their own sunshine and hays
long we wait for the truthful days


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi Hakim, first thank you for following me. I love the messages in this poem. There certainly is a hidden truth that we have to open our eyes to see. If you want more followers and comments on your hubs I recommend you proofread your profile intriduction. You have a lot of spelling mistakes that will turn people off reading your hubs. (One I can recall is"smil" instead of "smile" but there are more. Even in this poem in the first verse you have "each grain of and


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