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The Rule of Three | Eric Walters

Updated on December 21, 2014
Photo of the back cover of my copy of The Rule of Three
Photo of the back cover of my copy of The Rule of Three | Source

The Rule Of Three Book

There have been many successful post apocalyptic novels lately in the young adult genre. This is a fantastic novel that focuses on what seems like the beginning of the apocalypse, when modern technology stops working and how society reacts to it.

The story starts out with our protagonist 16 year old Adam at his high school when the power goes out. It seems fairly normal at first until people start noticing that laptops and cellphones that run on batteries aren't turning on either. When they are sent home for the day we find out that even more things have been affected. Most of the cars in the parking lot will not start. Only Adams will,as it is an old car that doesn't have computerized equipment in it.

Most people are just mildly annoyed in the beginning, believing that things will be back to normal soon. His next door neighbor Herb, has other ideas. He has concerns about how long it could last and asks for Adams help to prepare for it, without really letting him know that is what he is doing.

As the book goes on you see just how dependent we have become on technology and how quickly society can fall apart when it is no longer available. The longer people go without it the more dangerous it becomes as people rationalize their behavior as doing what they need to to survive.

However it also shows you what can be achieved by being prepared, some ingenuity, using peoples skills, and working together. If I am ever in this situation I hope someone like Herb is living in my neighborhood.

The Rule of Three
The Rule of Three

This is the first book of the Trilogy.


Book Trailer for The Rule of Three

The Rule Of Three My Book Review

I have always been a fan of tales about if you were involved in a crash and stranded on a desert island could you survive. This story has a similar vibe to it and it is much more likely for it to actually happen.

For example a few years ago a good portion of the Eastern Seaboard experienced a power outage that lasted a couple of days. Plus just this past winter we had an ice storm which caused some people to lose their power for about a week.

The saving grace in both of these incidents is that it was not world wide, country wide, or even city wide. This gave people options for places to go to get away from the problem. If either incidents had lasted longer or spread out further society could have broken down just like in the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the TV show Revolution. It has the same sort of premise, but this book covers the beginning when people initially lost power. I find a lot of books lately tend to stall and dwell on things that just don't matter. So I love that in this book the story is continually moving forward, I never find myself thinking "oh come on, just get on with it".

The only thing that I didn't like about the book was the ending. One, I didn't want it to finished yet and two, it was very abrupt. I started turning the page thinking there would be more. An epilogue, or something, but no it was just finished.

One could argue that it is a cliffhanger, however personally I found it to be an odd way for it to end. While I haven't seen any release dates given I read in an interview that Emmy Laybourne author of Monument 14 did with Eric Walters about Rule of Three that this will be the first book in a trilogy. I will be one of the first in line when the next book in the series is released.

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The Next Book in The Rule of Three Trilogy

The Rule of Three: Fight for Power

The Rule of Three: Fight for Power
The Rule of Three: Fight for Power

This is the second book in the trilogy. It is due to be released on January 20th 2015. It is available for preorder to make sure you get it the day it comes out.


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