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The Shadows of Castle Stirling

Updated on April 6, 2015

Stirling castle


The Pink Lady


The Pink Lady's Tale

A babe of nine months,

Crowned in a day,

In Stirling Castle,

Her spirit does play.

Walking the halls her pink dress flowing,

She passes in front of you without you knowing.

Pink lady some call her but this is a guise,

The truth is much deeper to your surprise

Mary is her name and her crown was cut free,

But in Stirling she dances for her People to see

The Lady in Green


The Green Lady's Sorrow

A strong sweet lass in charge of a Queen,

But a vision of danger the lass had foreseen.

When the night would fall Mary would die,

So the lass begged the Queen to let her stay by.

Night arrived and sleep set in,

She had to stay up;

death could not win.

She awoke to fire enguling the room,

This had to be Mary's impending doom.

She held her Queen for she would not wake,

But the smoke made the lass' arms to shake.

The door was brought down with a couple of swings,

And smoke filled the hallway as if it had wings.

The lass was granted what she had wished,

Mary was saved but the lass had perished.

Now in penance she roams the halls,

A Lady in green and danger she calls.

Forever to warn of impending doom,

To atone for the fire that engufed her Queens room.


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