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The Story of Babosa- An Indian Legend Lost in Time

Updated on September 13, 2015

This story dates back to about a year back when I and my friend decided to go on a hiking trip to the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and happened to pass by a remote village in the mountains and stumbled upon the story of 'Babosaâ.

As the myth goes, Babosa was a mystical man who lived in the 17th century and had strange magical powers. So powerful was he that even the magicians, witches and the sadhus residing in the mountains used to fear him; and preferred not to confront him.

As the legend goes, once Babosa was immersed in meditation when he started hearing a lot of noise; which was posing a hindrance to his meditation; therefore, Babosa decided to investigate the source. As he a devoted to Lord Shiva-- The supreme god according to ancient scriptures and religious books! Therefore he had a trident which he used to carry all the time.

He picked it up and started walking towards the place from where the noise was coming; and on reaching that spot-- what he saw was shocking! The king's men had raided a tribal village and were butchering everyone in sight-including the sick, old, women and children-- no was being spared.

'The one thing that Babosa couldn't tolerate was injustice and that is what was happening there'

As he saw innocents being murdered in broad daylight, his eyes became red and his jaws tightened with anger and despair--and he rushed towards the attacking army with his trident held high and his long braided hairs bouncing on his back; screaming so loud that even the mightiest of beasts trembled in fear.

There he was charging towards the invading army-one man against hundreds of the king's best warriors, wearing the best of armor; having the best of weapons. On the other hand, Babosa had nothing but a tiger's skin as clothing, a Trident and a heart of a lion. As he started slaying the soldiers one by one, the soldiers sent over a messenger to inform the king to send more troops-- and within a few hours-- cavalry arrived!

"Get inside your houses and lock yourselves and do not come out no matter what happens"screamed Babosa-the scared villagers followed his orders without a shadow of a doubt.

Now the king had pushed this 'sadhu' to the brink of madness by sending his army after him; rather than leaving him and the villagers alone.

"What is it that the king wants? Why won't you guys let these villagers be? What have they done?" asked Babosa.

“We just want the girl, don’t interfere and leave” replied one of the commanders. Apparently the king was used to picking up the most beautiful young girls in his kingdom and made them his slaves; and this time the king was after a 16 year old beautiful tribal girl from this village.

“Leave now, save yourselves and tell your king to stop his evil ways or I will bring god’s wrath to your doorsteps” screamed Babosa, as his face became red and eyes spewing venom.

The soldiers laughed it off and the commander gave the order to kill Babosa and everyone still alive in the village, and take the girl to the king. As the army began to rush towards Babosa; he pulled out a 'shankh' (shell that can be blown into to create sound waves) and started to blow into it-there were rumors that the man due to his unquestionable devotion to lord Shiva had unimaginable mystical powers-- But no one had ever seen him using them-now the time had come!

As he blew the 'shankh' a thunderous bolt of lightning struck the ground, and the ground began to tremble; as fingers could be seen trying to dig out of the ground-- no one knew what it was-- until the 'Bramhayakshi'(A mythical creature capable of unsurpassed damage) ripped right out of the ground.

With black eyes that could haunt a human for the rest of his life; a face so disfigured and scary that it could make entire standing armies leave their posts and run away; and snakes on his head instead of hairs, he started walking on all fours roaring, ripping and devouring anyone who stood in front of him.

Within a matter of minutes hundreds of soldiers had been ripped apart and their bodies scattered all across the place, and the ones who were still alive; were running for their lives-- the entire cavalry destroyed within a few minutes.

"Tell your king I will come for him, and this time I will not be alone; the time for forgiveness is over, I will bring the god's wrath to your doorsteps" said Babosa.

The villagers were saved, and Babosa had become their hero-- a legend! And as for the king, Babosa picked up his trident and started marching towards the king's center of power, accompanied by the 'Brahmayakshi.' And someone he met on the way... (To be continued)

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