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The Story of Love

Updated on March 9, 2015

The Meeting

the skies were blue
who knew
what was ahead
or what was to brew
she walked with confidence
close to her pals
she called them the crew
they were the chosen few
who were do or die the friendship
she never threw

the mall was the destination
hey would shop for fascination
giggling looking forward to that attention
leaving some of the guys drooling
the make up
the complexion
you would surely fall in love or fall into depression

he stood there and kept a smile
she could not help it but stare for a while
innocent heart like a tile
always believed love was a lie
or a mockery like being hit face on by a pie
this was different because she felt high
her journey begun and the boy she had to spie

The approach

days passed she never asked
she felt shy it was a task
he made the move
he had a point to prove
all he wanted was to groove

she smiled and looked at her toes
he reminded her
about her beauty
how she smiled and made the sun jealous
how she laughed and everyone would stare
how she would walk and made him shiver
she had a beauty flow like the river

the moment was perfect
she got the aspect
of appreciation and was a suspect
of respect and not neglect
the stars shone on their faces
they held hand and walked places
they promised to leave traces

love is a journey
they decided to go places
life is poker
and they had all the aces
the most high blesses
they had all the grace

The Bond

a text a call
she would smile
bite her lip and text back
her heart he hack
her love he stole
never to track
she saw his beauty
she got blinded
although it was love
at first sight

or maybe it was just
love before the fright
she never cared
her heart was prepared
for the big day she would open
up and never be scared

she gave it her all
never cared about peter,joe or paul
she had a mind of her own
she never thought of being torn


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