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about the thinking man's poem...

Updated on November 26, 2012


the thinking man’s poem…


a day for sadness to fill my mind.

a day for memories that go back in time.

a place and point that is a little offset.

a time for a man to reach out and get all he can get.

a way that is good, on that you can bet.

a passion for thinking, a fondness for the best.

in his hands he holds two things: hard work and a little rest.

now stand up...and receive a lesson on the word.

if you live by it, then you will die by the sword.

to over come and to achieve.

you will learn to smile when you learn to grieve.

you will learn to know when you find it hard to believe.

you can move mountains…when a boulder is too hard to heave.

you will have plenty when there is nothing that you received.

to see a trail that mixes in a future not perceived.

Oh, if only you could see…perhaps you do…and perhaps you believe?

you can go and not come back…yet there is one who will never leave.

now look ahead, Sir, can you see what you have not heard?

now sit down...after receiving this lesson on the word.

do you see what it is...that is in this rhyme?

look again…if it's not here…it is in your mind!



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Look Again...If It's Not Here...It's In Your Mind !


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