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Poem: The Unexpected Life

Updated on October 5, 2016
The idea just came out after seeing this photo... (though they  are not really mother and child)
The idea just came out after seeing this photo... (though they are not really mother and child)

You’re a fragile flower around those protective thorns

Beaming in the touch of the sun rays

Forming drops of crystals,

when the rain showers you in glee .

Vibrant energy is reflecting within you

The positive thoughts everyone adores

So much expectations around

However you’re still a soul,

need to be nurtured and be cared upon.

The heart of the family as what they say.

But can anyone dictate your fate?

Can you really know what’s on the way?

Suddenly you found a wrong love in your path

Your adrenaline holds you in lust

Not knowing the result of that clash

Life shifted to another scene

Your love is going to nowhere

Your family still in awe and shock

The princess they should care

Now having a new life to rise upon

A sob embedded in regrets

can be heard in the heavy breeze.

You need to give up lots of things

Those sparkling days in freedom,

now hiding in the gloomy mood of boredom.

Then little by little, a new life started to form


“I can sense the fear in your womb”

“Am I a curse in the cradle’s tomb?”

Several days have gone,

Thanks God,

You still go on and learned to play your role

Everybody started to accept everything

Now ready to face the responsibilities

Excited to see the unborn life

That once a burden to you

Behind the emotions,

a promise you murmur:

“Sorry for being weak,

I’m going to love you forever my child.”

The new life inside you is now better and healthy

It seems to understand...

"You’re stronger than I thought

You let me be a part of you despite of everything

Now ready or not I will come out in a flash

Having that fear that I might end up in a trash

Great thing, there you are waiting

I could feel the warmth of your chest,

You’ve always been there for me since then.

Making my loud cry turn to giggles

I know you’re just pretending

to be older than your age

Lying just for my sake

How am I going to give the just words for you?

Words might under estimate the feelings I have

Maybe I can’t be the greatest child of them all

But this will be my innocent plea to myself

My genuine cry to God

May the loving instinct in me resides

‘Til I grow up and found my real life

To you, my young mother,

I love you…

Thank you very much

for the unconditional love."

Thank you child for the happiness

My fate is not bad after all

I will always care for you

Forgive me for being not perfect.

I will keep my promise forever

I will love you till the last breath of my life.


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    • pinkhawk profile image

      pinkhawk 5 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

      @Kamalesh050, I want to thank you for this very kind comment, I'm very much happy that you had enjoyed reading this.

    • Kamalesh050 profile image

      Kamalesh050 6 years ago from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India

      Absolutely Wonderful, Excellent, Superb ! I have very much enjoyed reading this poem which is so easy to read, very sweet, has a beautiful flow all the way and has depth. I must read your other hubs, you can expect my comments from now and then. Keep up your good work my friend.

      Take care.Best Wishes, Kamalesh

      Voted Up & AWESOME