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Is God weary of you?

Updated on March 18, 2014

Wings of Gold

Driven the storm
Driven the storm
Refuge in the rock
Refuge in the rock

The Wings Of Gold

Feelings are fickle, but faith stands firm

So trust in God and on His Word confirm.

Your integrity have they despised;

Crafty and subtle plots devised,

Fear not! Just as God has told:

On your wings, there goes the last touch of gold!

You'll soon flap them and soar into the sky;

Mockery sneers and shame, you'll bid them goodbye.

It can't be the wind tossing you about;

God's fed up of you, you hear them shout .

You're not a tumble weed to be driven away;

Your roots are firm in the Rock of Ages today.

Gird up your loins; rise from your sorrow,

Brace yourself for the wonders tomorrow!


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