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How to Become an Online Writer

Updated on December 2, 2017
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Stella has written many articles on writing and how to become an online writer, she has been writing online since 2007.

Writing Online For Potential Earnings

Becoming an online writer
Becoming an online writer | Source

Become An Online Writer - Write Away!

The most sensible and practical thing you can do to hone your writing skills as an Internet writer is to publish as prolifically and as frequently as you can. Never discard any writing, whether it’s written on paper or saved on your computer, it can always be altered, modified for different markets or improved upon. If your particular piece is no longer current it can be re-worked at some stage as a historical item.

Before submitting work to an online publishing site, it’s prudent to make it as near word perfect as you can. Remember you’ll have a worldwide audience so need to set yourself certain standards and goals if you sincerely want to be part of an established writing community. Maintaining a high calibre of submissions will benefit both you as an author and the sites you use.

Your daily regime as an Internet writer should be based largely on common sense strategies; for example, no one wants to read articles written in big bold capitals or those that are one continuous paragraph - however word perfect. There are a plethora of dedicated writing sites online that were never intended for basic blogging or those who use ‘text speak’ or profane language. Sexually explicit material also has no place on sites that are aimed at family readers. Reputable portals are thus a valuable platform for serious writers who wish to establish a good online reputation. They are keen to progress with their writing skills and will no doubt be encouraged by existing members to become more creative and productive. This is thus a great opportunity to develop as an online writer.

Over time, as with many things, excellent progress can be made. You can develop your own writing style and meet the expectations of your chosen site. Flexibility is the key to making a success with your portfolio of online posts. You may find you'll have to adapt to certain house rules to stay within set guidelines but this is good discipline and practice. You can always improve on the material you already have and improvise when it’s not particularly in keeping with the 'in house' regulations of any given site.

Your writing skills will benefit from continued practice and revision in order to meet the expectations and requirements of different sites. Submitted articles must be as clear and concise in their meaning so as to convey quality information to the reader.


HubPages is an excellent site which allows the online writer to submit writing and photographs. The site is easy to navigate and earnings are possible if enough traffic is generated. In order to promote your articles and get the traffic flowing, you'll need to ensure that you've implemented some online marketing strategies so you attract the widest possible audience. This may appear daunting at first but with social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Stumbleupon it can be simple enough to do.

There's Many Ways To Make Money Online

The possibilities are endless
The possibilities are endless | Source

Conduct Thorough Research

There is such a vast wealth of information available to everyone nowadays and not all of it is correct; as a writer with a good reputation, you should conduct extensive research first when compiling a new article even if your chosen subject matter is familiar. Always endeavour to source your information from reliable sites. If you’re conscientious about being a custodian of the truth you can convey valuable information to others with confidence, knowing you've given them sound advice. Be widely read yourself so you're continually acquiring new fact-based knowledge; the great thing about online writing is that you can do this with relative ease. It’s no longer a struggle to gather together information by spending a tedious afternoon scouring the shelves at your local library. Valuable facts and figures can now be found swiftly at the touch of a button anytime day or night without ever leaving your home. When you pen a new piece, choose subjects you have an avid interested in; even better if it's something you have a passion for. The well-known saying: ‘Write about what you know,’ is as apt for Internet publishing as for any other avenue to publication. Take the opportunity to share your acquired knowledge with the world and you’ll never look back.

Don’t Neglect Your Social Life

Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods is part and parcel of being a writer so why not join a local writers’ group or even an amateur drama group to keep your social life alive? Unless you’re naturally reclusive, you’ll find the interaction with other writers will be entirely positive. Daily exercise is beneficial too and you’ll find a walk in the fresh air is conducive to clearer thinking and will keep your waistline from spreading.

Always make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct when submitting material and ensure your vocabulary is varied and interesting. If you’re unsure about the meaning of a word, it’s always wise to check. A wise writer must be certain of their facts - even novelists are obliged to fit their fictional characters into a historically correct setting unless their book is set in the realms of science fiction.

To be a confident Internet writer you’ll need sound reading and observation skills. Many well-established online sites openly encourage this. You’ll soon discover there’s little chance of developing the proverbial ‘writer’s block’ with such an endless selection of subjects to write about. You may even find you can suggest new titles of your own. There are also debates and forums to give you new ideas and the sense of belonging to a writing community. There are various topics for discussion on limitless subjects and even one to one assistance should you have a technical problem to ask.

Internet Writing Is Fun For Everyone


Take Notice Of Your Audience

Your online readership will provide constructive criticism and feedback and comments should be viewed as positive but must never deter you in your efforts. Other writers’ advice should be heeded too; whether you think they may be useful at the time of writing or not. Don’t be resistant to making changes if your submitted piece is not making the impact you thought or is failing to relay the message you intended.

Reading off-screen is different than reading from a book and online readers may not possess the same attention span that they usually have when reading a book. Online articles must not only hold the reader’s attention but they should also contain current and relevant information and be concise. Paragraphs should be kept as short as possible and repetition and overly floury words avoided.

Your success as an online writer mainly depends largely on your continued efforts and determination; what works for one writer may not necessarily work for another and the same can be said of the sites you publish to. Much trial and error are involved but motivation and continued learning will help immensely. Becoming an online writer will thus bring positive rewards to those who are dedicated to writing. Whether you write poetry, novels, factual articles or a smattering of each, you will discover a niche for your writing on the many online sites widely available.

Online Writing Ideas And Advice

Some Sites That Can Help You Earn Money Online

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