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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 4) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 25, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.

Stormwind, ho!

Lyfe wasn't lying when he said it would get worse before it got better. Their last day of travel was a good one, though and they spent the day in the sun waiting to see the city. They talked about what it would be like; Lyfe had also spent his life in the forest and it's surrounding cities. The love they would share one day was just budding, and they were gentle with each other after the last few days. Zeldamon's troubles were none like his, and he had had her sickness three times thus far. Though he trained to be a hunter, he was raised by shamans as a young child, and was very well taken care of. Like priests, they followed healing and magic. Zeldamon had been training to be a healer, like her mother, but there is more than one way of the monk. She was starting to think she needed to feel nature less for a little while... or differently, maybe. Lyfe promised to take her to a monk elder when they got to the city, and she wondered what it would be like to tap into her magic again. It had been so long since she used it, but Lyfe told her of things like The Touch of Death. "Though it is a skill that kills, there is not as much suffering for a creature. There is peace to be found in a peaceful death, an unexpected ending," he said.

As they ate the lunch prepared for them, they talked of the happier memories they had, and Zeldamon felt so blessed to have them again. Lyfe spoke of the shamans, and the peace they bring to all souls, the dungeons that their land held that Zeldamon had never even heard of. She had been so long from the real world that when she spoke, it was of her sisters and the mischief they caused for their mother. There were ten years where the family was on the run before Zeldamon and Marladylight had... decided... to hide out for a little while. The last time she saw Jayxen, she was fifteen. If there really were souls that needed finding, Zeldamon vowed to find her family to lay them at last to rest.

Bells rang loudly for noon, and they both jumped up to see Stormwind in the horizon. "New things seem more exciting now..." Zeldamon told him softly, reaching for his hand. "Life seems possible now..."

Lyfe nodded and smiled at her innocence. He looked on at the city with fear of a different lifestyle, and not having any reputation in this foreign land. He knew they had much to overcome still, but he squeezed her hand and offered hope anyways. "Life is always possible, and I cannot wait to find a small cabin and make a home with you..."


Alucardia had been creating portals all over the worlds, trying to find her family. "How horrible to think that a child died... to find out now that she's alive." She had felt her mother's soul while crossing the Ocean. "It's been a long time since I felt you, mother..." This time it felt different, somehow.

"Stop blaming yourself sister." Jayxen had wanted to take a trip together, Alucardia had been so... obsessed lately. "I thought you were past this?"

"You never get past what you cannot forget, dear sister. I protected you, but I lost them. We should have taken the baby with us the last time she left... I never should have let her take her into town, knowing... I could have helped her, I was old enough!" She was shaking now, unaware of her tears. "You know how I hate taking the boat."

Alucardia felt her sisters hands in hers."How can you see everything your way?" Jayxen asked.

Life in Stormwind

After building their home together, Lyfe and Zeldamon took a week to get married and spend time in their new cabin. Healing progress for both of them took form of daily goals. Having money in the bank would be their wedding present to each other, as they now had professions to lean on, she in skinning, and he an alchemist. She chose her first profession as a practice of sorts. Since she loved the wild, and aggressive life existed there, she needed to be prepared, and did not want to waste anything she had to kill. She smoked the meats she picked up, and made clothing and carpets from the fur. After they had enough to stay warm in case of snow, they began selling items, and they quickly made money; tucking potions into blankets for travelers. Zeldamon got to settle in, knowing she could leave, but not really wanting to. She traveled their own land, but still continued to stay out of contact with people excluding her new groom.

As they lay in bed with each other, warm and comfortable, Lyfe lay there stroking her hair. "I'm concerned you're afraid to make friends, my love." he felt her mood shift, and he moved in to kiss her neck. "I love being with you, but what will be a family if we have no friends to share it with?"

Zeldamon thought for a moment, looking into his eyes. "Even before it was just my mom and i, it was only my sisters with me, and my father... I don't know how to love more than that if losing them feels like it did..."

His eyes teared up as he feared that she had been hurt too deeply. "No... the pain just tells you it's real. We can live forever, my love, just like this..."

Zeldamon drifted off to sleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat, believing him.

An Unexpected Visitor

Zeldamon woke in the morning, full of hope for the day. She lay in Lyfe's arms, thinking of their babies, and the life they were going to make in this house. "I wonder if we'll need another bedroom?" she thought to herself.

*KNOCK KNOCK* Lyfe jumped in his sleep, looking crazily around the room. He looked at Zeldamon, and relaxed, appearing to still be troubled. "Who could that be?" he asked. The knocking came again and Zeldamon got up to answer it, hoping that put his thoughts to ease for now.

There was a girl at the door, wild-eyed and panicked. "i'm so sorry to bother you, you were sleeping! I can't even believe I have to do this. I'm looking for my sister." the girl all but shoved Zeldamon aside to enter the room. "I... I lost my sister..." the girl burst into tears. "This is the first house I've seen for miles. I had to walk from The Blasted Lands. We were on on of her crazy... I never should have let her convince me to go this time... but..."

Lyfe was in the kitchen by then, and came out with a glass of water for the girl. "Calm down for a second. What is your name?" The girl hesitated and looked them over again.

"I'm Jayx. My sister Allie goes on these crazy... adventures, she has never understood her limitations, but we got separated this time, and I think the Horde got to her." Her hands shook as she finally took slow sips from the water. "I have to find her, she's all I have left."

Zeldamon felt for the girl, and gently touched her shoulder. "Ok, we'll help you find your sister." Jayx looked up, tears streaming, and nodded. "You must be tired from your journey. We have a spare room for you to stay in. I'll bring you something to eat if you'd like to take a rest. How long have you been separated?"

"The last time I saw her... at least a month has passed... I got lost in the desert..." Jayx started to slip from her chair, and Lyfe quickly caught her, and carried her to bed.


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    • Alexis Cogwell profile image

      Ashley Cogdill 2 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      Thank you so much!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great fantasy writing.