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Buy and Read The Next Trillion by Paul Zane Pilzer

Updated on July 5, 2012

Paul Zane Pilzer's book The Next Trillion, explains why the wellness industry will outperform the health care (sickness) industry in the coming generation. Paul Pilzer is a well known economist, entrepreneur, college professor and author of three bestselling books. The Next Trillion predicts that consumers will replace material goods with products based on internal self-improvement. He also paints an exciting picture of the future where the masses are focused on preventative health and fitness, rather then keeping up with the Jones'. Paul began research for this book after coming to the realization that a majority of his lecture attendees were unhealthy and overweight and from observing increases in the wellness industries economic trends. Using his economic background Paul exposes the true reason why most Americans are overweight and overcome with disease.

“The greatest entrepreneurial opportunities will be in distributing wellness products and services.” -Paul Zane Pilzer

Chapter one Your Money and Your Life, Paul poses the question. “Why would intelligent people spend time and money to improve their lives in every area except for the most obvious area in which they need improvement?” His research uncovered that there were powerful forces at work preventing people from preventing illness and encouraging obesity. The current health care industry focuses all it's energy on treatment of disease not on the prevention. Our food industry promotes bad eating habits in the name of profits. They do this by providing more calories per dollar with fat and sugar, while healthy choice foods (fresh produce) continue to rise in cost. This chapter continues to expose the corruption of consumer advertising and big corporate America.

Later we learn the religious side of how God wants us to be healthy. The teachings of the major religions to promote fitness and good food choices are explained in this section. Paul gives examples for biblical text to make is point about faith being a factor in making healthy choices.

Despite the fact that Paul had no intention to write about how to make money in this book, he as included some concepts to do just that. The key points of business covered are demand and distribution. Demand for anti aging and overall wellness products has been created by the boomer generation. The ability to supply this demand with excellent distribution of products and information will determine the success of the company providing them.

I found The Next Trillion to be very informative. I learned a lot about basic health like what fats are good, how to calculate BMI, and other nutrition sciences. I have read the abridged version of this book, so imagine the full text would provide even more insights to the systems of health, fitness and nutrition that we battle everyday. As an additional note Paul refers to the health care industry as the sickness industry due to it's focus on treatment while ignoring prevention. I recommend this book if you are interested in learning some truths about why half the U.S. population are sick and/or overweight.


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    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      Excellent review of this book. Very good hub.