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...The Way We Are ~ Taken For Granted...

Updated on October 28, 2012

Through the gray-blue skies

Through the white remains

Blocked in with yellow alongside

Just when you think the clouds

Will release their rains,

the blue prevails after only a few drops

It seems to be a test of your faith.

What will you do and say

When the rains are turned away?

The rain you both loved and loathed.

Never curse the weather


For it is a gift of cleansing

Of healing






It is the very storm

That breaks the patterns

Of negativity

Of the sodden heart

And the renewal within

Is discovered

When was the last time

The power went out

And everything you needed

Was suddenly


For Granted?

What about the gray evening

When the warm breezes

Brushed your hair across your forehead?

The feather floating

And laying before you

Dances away

Are the winds not the songs

Of Angels?

The breath of God

And all the invisible souls?

Nothing matters

Nothing that you or I believe


When it is all taken

For Granted.

The birds speak to each other

Their unborn fragile babies

Listen along

There is life all around you

All within you

Still alive in full force

As you choose a patch of grass

As you curse a swatch of time

You sit and wonder

How much

You have wasted

A tiny wet kiss on your cheek

From a child

Or a hug that spans into eternity

All taken

For Granted

A millionaire, alone

No consolation can he buy

Still purchasing the affections

Comes easily to him

It’s all he’s got left


For Granted



Clear Night

Moonlit Skies

Self Love in a lightning storm

Heaven scrolls back

Reveals the landscape

Of Eternity



For Granted


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  • Pearldiver profile image

    Rob Welsh 5 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

    Oh wow, I should have picked up on the Scorpion passion.. and intuitively known that only we Scorps can love in such tranquil silence, so loudly! Happy Birthday... from the heart... every word

  • Carole Anzolletti profile image

    Carole Anzolletti 5 years ago from The Phantom Queen's Labyrinth

    Pearldiver, thank you so much for this - it is truly a wonderful moment of your time and thoughts you have shared with me and on my birthday as well - what a lovely gift. Thank you:)

  • Pearldiver profile image

    Rob Welsh 5 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

    I must stop reading you..

    your words are making my pulse fluctuate..

    merely seeing the power of your lightening storm...

    and knowing that it can not be taken for granted...

    such is your talent.. a love between the words... PD